Allied Races: Alliance

My journey continues, and Micromantica went and unlocked the available Alliance races: Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei.

Again, both questlines are linked with the Void. For Void Elves, you travel to Ghostlands to discover the diaries of exiled High Elves (Blood Elves), and then you find them in some void corrupted world. You free them from the void agents grasp, and this desolate and sad place becomes their base. The world itself is sad, just shards of stone and no vegetation. Despite the gorgeous skies, it’s as depressing as Legion-scorched worlds, albeit in dark violet colors instead of sickly fel greens.


For Lightforged Draenei, you accompany an acolyte on his journey to memories and fighting with darkness within him. The grounds are just gorgeous, and they are a complete and total replica of Zorammarsh in Tanaan Jungle, if with much better graphics. It was not specified, but it could be that this is Zorammarsh from the main timeline. The map of the ground and the map in alternate Draenor is exactly the same, as well as caves design.


It’s interesting that the race leaders are Alleria and Turalyon, with such a different approach to the void. Alleria claims we must harness the whispers in your head. Turalyon says to reject them completely. I’m eager to see the development of their relationship, a very interesting story it could be when we meet the void (which we probably would, as it’s present in every race storyline).

The draenei mount is some Lightforged Dumbo, clumsy and too big to ride. The void elf mount is a void chicken, funny and beautiful, but I haven’t yet found any use for the blood elf racial mounts.


And so, with the 4 slots added in the night, I’ve rolled the new toons at my main realm!

My morning was dedicated to creating the new toons, learning their main professions + First Aid and Cooking and delivering them to starting positions. Let me introduce them :)

Arkeona – Nightborne Subtlety Rogue


Arkeona was a spy and a blade master under Elisande’s reign. She was very keen on tracking the rebels, and working against Thalyssra’s devastating activities.

When Elisande lost the battle, Arkeona was captured by rebels and brought in front of Thalyssra. She managed to talk her way out of execution (her crimes were big, although it was just work for her), and convinced the Nightborne that she was wrong. It’s not that she really repented – she wanted to survive. Obviously frowned upon by the Nightborne, she gladly went to Kalimdor to win herself recognition among other Horde races.

  • Starting with: Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Professions: Alchemy – Herbalism

Jammu – Highmountain Tauren Feral Druid


Jammu is a playful young girl barely out of her teens. She chose a path of druid – cat druid – because she thinks that cats are cute. And this says practically everything about her.

She traveled to Kalimdor with eager – it promises to be very interesting. And she also wants to meet funny cow-druids of Kalimdor and learn from them.

  • Starting with: Ashenvale
  • Professions: Leatherworking – Skinning

Kalaari – Lightforged Draenei Holy Paladin


Kalaari is a healer. Considering class and spec, paladin healing is something I cannot fully understand and master, so I’ll be leveling her as Holy, and Holy only- it’s a sort of a challenge for me.

For the first time in my life I’m roleplaying my toon as a dimwit character :) She really is! She’s the one that will sit in a tavern and play cards with an unknown and very suspicious stranger. She cannot understand irony or many jokes, she’ll have to ask what people mean. The Azeroth journey will not be easy for her :)

  • Starting with: Wetlands
  • Professions: Blacksmithing – Mining

Mide – Void Elf Arcane Mage


I request help with writing her name in Latin letters :) It’s pronounced as “Mide” (“i” as in “mice”), but spelling doesn’t look very cool. I’ve got to think about it :)

Mide is a skilled arcane mage (even if I’m not so skilled playing arcane lol), and she’s pretty harsh and quick on the trigger. She has a very sharp mind, and if people are still trying to figure out if some person is a deceiver or a rascal, Mide will already have him killed and then explain her motives to slower minds. Sometimes it brings her trouble, but she manages to explain her actions quickly as well.

  • Starting with: Duskwood
  • Professions: Jewellery – Mining

Today is February 1, and this will be the starting point from which I would count leveling. We’ll see how quickly they will reach 110! As always, no heirloom gear, no buffs – just a fun leveling.

I’m excited and ready – the upcoming months won’t be dull :)


4 thoughts on “Allied Races: Alliance

    • “ei” options look Celtic – cool for a dwarf, but not a void elf )
      I like Myde, but I kinda grew accustomed to “Mide” too ) I need to see how it works in further posts! Thank you!


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