Allied Races: Horde


…this is what I saw when I came back from my band’s rehearsal yesterday.

Guys, it was better than New Year or expansion release day :) The highly anticipated pre-order/allied race release was 95% to happen, and yet this 5% of uncertainty made the hype. The overall enthusiasm resulted in ultimate queues. I was wise to go to bed at 11 p.m. (it’s probably the earliest I ever did in my grown-up life), and bought the expansion in the morning with no queues or reported bank troubles.

Not everything was fixed by the morning. Blizzard is still working on adding extra 4 slots as we speak, so if your toon roster on your main realm is full, you won’t be able to add extra toons there, lol :) Nevertheless, I did introductory quests which open up allied races (you may do it on any 110 toon of the faction), and created a testing pair at another realm.

For reasons unknown, I went with the Horde first, so I opened Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne. I won’t spoil questlines, but they both involved traveling to Broken Isles and one of the Horde capitals, as well as they both were linked with the Void.

I must tell that I absolutely hated Sylvanas talking, although there was nothing too brutal. I realized that she’ll be a Garrosh-type of warchief: respected by some, disliked and hated by many – even within her faction.

Upon completing them, you get achievements:



…and also mounts. Manasaber seemed dull, but I liked the Highmountain moose very much, it’s probably the best looking moose of all:


Obviously achievements grant you Allied Races, and I created two toons – just created them. Most probably I will restart them at my main realm when Blizzard fixes the slots problem.

Options are not rich for Nightborne: barely 3 skin colors and a poor choice of haircuts for an elf. With Highmountain Tauren, it’s much better, a wide range of customization.

As planned, I’ve created a Nightborne Rogue (most probably Outlaw, but then I think of pistols, and I think of Subtlety) and a Highmountain Druid – she will be a bestial one, exploring cat/bear, because my other druid Helu is Balance/Restoration.


You start at your faction capital (Suramar/Thunder Totem), and, after a quick talk to Thalyssra/Mayla, you just walk in a teleport to Orgrimmar. There, you have your faction tabard, you’re level 20, and you’re free to go leveling.


The background of my Horde toons is this. The Nightborne Rogue was a ranked nazi during Elisande’s rule, she was a spy and a blade master helping to investigate the criminal rebel activity. After Elisande was defeated, the leopard actually changed her spots. She asked to be forgiven, and that she was mistaken, and they believed her. She kneels to the power, and power only. For now, she needs to carve her success and win recognition among Horde ranks – as far from the Nightborne as possible for the moment. She won’t tolerate frowns and whispers behind her back, which cannot be avoided in Suramar. That is why Horde’s errands on another continent feel like a gulp of fresh air to her.

The Highmountain Druid is actually a very young girl, and playful as such. She’s in her teens, or barely a couple of years up. The main reason she opted to be a cat druid… is because she likes how cats are cuddly and funny. She’s eager to learn from and get acquianted with amusing cow-druids of Kalimdor.

I’m hyped to see Alliance now and go leveling with the new toons :)

4 thoughts on “Allied Races: Horde

  1. The number in the store queue is highly amusing for me, what is that? maybe i should say “go home Blizzard store, you are drunk” :-D

    Yes, hyped for leveling new alts, and for the new mounts also, i just unlocked one race, going back soon to unlock them all, we have to September to level them up, i hope that is enough for every one :-)

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  2. What’s wrong about Nightborne with a pistol? “An illusion? What are you hiding?” surely sounds more threatening if a pistol is pointed at you.


    • Just doesn’t work for me :) Their technology certainly went in the course of arcane engineering – considering endless arcane resources. So they’d rather infuse a weapon with magic than mess with the cogs and blueprints. And obviously they didn’t have any possibility of pirate tradition where they could learn the skills of using fire weapons.


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