Legion: Dungeon Experience

Mine was awful yet. And it has nothing to do with Blizzard.

Well, dungeon designs are actually great. They are beautiful, they have very interesting mechanics and bosses – almost every single boss has some proper imagination put in it. I haven’t seen all of them yet – so far I’ve got to the four that round up pillars quests and the prison ones (sentinels and Dalaran).

People who are running the dungeons are awful.

I haven’t seen this much toxicity even when LFR raids just launched, and people wiped every single time for lack of experience, lack of mechanics knowledge and well, just because they had just enough ilvl to enter a raid.

I suppose people in Legion quickly grasped the idea to save their dungeon runs until they got quests there – not to run them too many times for pillars, loot, professions, etc. So in two weeks after launch there’s still high percentage of people new to dungeon. Mistakes are inevitable.

The worst thing (as always) are the so-called ‘experienced’ players. The brats don’t see it as their duty to help the newcomers. They’d rather rant, insult and expel the players for mistakes.

Violet Hold – our healer clicked at one crystal in the beginning to see what happens. The tank didn’t let it go easy until the healer was expelled from the group even when we were halfway of the dungeon ever since, and there was not a single difficulty. And he didn’t stop spitting hate and insults and showing off until we looted the last boss.

Almost all the dungeons: people try to squeeze themselves in a little thin line beyond trash pack aggro radius. There’s always one or two people who fail to do that – myself as well sometimes.

Tanks fail to understand that mobs MOVE and TURN their faces. Once a tank walks past them, he’s ok, but the moving pack could aggro at the group even if everyone follows his steps.

So far I was expelled once – from Halls of Valor for failing to pass the another table of drinking vikings vrykul. Mind you, I didn’t accidentally run into the pack. I was squeezed against the wall to avoid aggro and followed the tank steps. The mob just moved a yard towards us, and voila, we’re attacked.

I’ve observed lots of the similar kick-the-guy attitude for that kind of mistakes.

People try to save some 20 seconds at most – and they ultimately waste a lot more for aggroing more mobs and wipes. Not only the accidental run-in the aggro radius could cause an extra trash pack attacking you. Some AoE, some knock-off mob ability could send a double number at you.

And it’s the ‘hurrying’ guys fault, not the ones who ‘fail’.

I’ve tanked my first dungeon yesterday. I was at my 106 on pillar quest, and the others were 110. Clearing up the trash packs was the key: the ones who aggro, and the ones who could possibly – even possibly attack the group.  Even so, the run was not slower than my usual dps follow-up run – like at all. What’s the goddamn reason to try and squeeze yourself between the mobs?


No wipes, no one died, my health wasn’t lower than 60-70% in the hardest clashes.

I think it’s time to remind myself some general dungeon rules and follow them.

  1. The asshole is not the one that makes a mistake.
  2. The asshole is the ‘experienced’ player if he doesn’t help the group but insults and rants.
  3. A newbie can learn, an asshole will stay an asshole.
  4. Thus, an asshole should be expelled whatever his skills, or you leave the group yourself to save you some nerve.
  5. No exceptions.

2 thoughts on “Legion: Dungeon Experience

  1. Yep, standard dungeon rules apply.
    I had a great tank who said, “do you want to do it the easy way or my way?”
    I chirped up, “your way!”
    And we methodically cleared every trash mob along the way.
    I don’t understand shortcuts since they don’t work hardly ever — we are so new to this expansion, it is not time for zooming through the content yet.


    • Like I say, ‘shortcuts’ eventually end up in wipes and more time.

      There’s a spot in Everbloom in WoD where people try to jump up a cliff to get to the first boss. All they have to do is clear up a pair of trash packs, but no, they’d better waste the same or worse amount of time with hatred towards the ones who can’t jump this tricky slope. It’s not a shortcut, it’s stupidity.

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