Legion: Alt Management and Goals

It’s been a while since I set up goals for my toons. I guess it was around the Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry introduction time. It is interesting that situation is very similar now: my toons are at very different stages, many things to do, so we must set a focus for them.

Here goes my progress chart, which defines my daily routine:


Goal 1: Micromantica

Micromantica has always been my flagship. She’s the first to experience quests, stories, dungeons, raids. She’s the one to dig archaeology and gain reputations. Obviously she already got farther than the others.

As you see, she’s already Loremaster and Explorer of Legion zones. She completed class Order campaign and is Honored with Suramar. She just dinged 810 ilvl and ready for Heroic dungeons.

My daily routine is doing something with her – at least something small. A profession hub, a dungeon, some reputation quests – she’s the one to ascend every day at least a little. Her current major goal is to experience all the Legion lore possible and be ready for Emerald Nightmare raid – LFR-style when it comes out.

Goal 2: The Pawn Move

As you may have noticed, only 2/12 of my toons are not 101 or higher yet. There is a reason: getting your alts from 100 to 101 is one of the most important things now.

At 101 you will immediately get quests at your Class Order Hall. This will give you followers and missions. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Missions mean Artifact Power and leveling your followers. Sitting at your Order Hall and doing ‘Garrison’ routine with your morning coffee you are leveling your artifact weapons and alts (and yourself – Schlitzchen dinged 102 -> 103 via follower missions).

Gardell and Mindebad both did only half of Stormheim zone. They were sitting in their garrisons ever since. Gardell has her Ashbringer at level 4, Mindebad has her swords level 7. It came from missions, nothing else.

I call this ‘The Pawn Move’. Like in chess, move your alt one square forward and gain initiative.

Goal 3: Leveling alts

Well, that’s obvious. Eventually every toon will be at 110, so I just pick up the one I feel like playing today.

The best thing is that I can do a quest hub or two, and then switch to another toon if I feel so. In two hours I’m able to get some progress for two to four alts! They are also questing in different zones, so I pick up the questline I want to play now.

This bit-by-bit leveling is extremely enjoyable, because you’re not getting tired at all. You’re just eager to do the next questline, because you know you can stop any moment! And when you leave the game, you feel you did a very significant progress – because it’s on many alts.

I am in no rush, I am enjoying the game. The pace of everything is slow, there’s many things to do and experience. And I like it.


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