FFXIV: Manderville Weapons Roulette Farming Priority

Ahaha, if you thought you could relax without my spreadsheets, you’re so wrong! Because it’s farming time, and even if you saved a 2000 cap of Astronomy tomestones, you’re still getting just one job weapon and a 500 handicap for the second.

So, here’s the farming priorities:

1. The best income is Alliance raids (obviously, for the effort), but also dungeons 50/60/70/80, MSQ and side ones.

2. Leveling dungeons and Main Scenario remain very relevant to support leveling players, but Square Enix decided to throw in 3 dungeons of level 90: Dead Ends, Smileton and Stigma.

3. Normal Raids and Trials, as the quickiest effort, have the lowest income rate, which is fair. But the final dungeons so far – Alzadaal’s Legacy and Fell Court of Troia – are also scarce for tomestones. Yet they’re very worth running: first time bonus for new players + minor astronomy stones batch per every boss actually drives them to the previous category in the end of all.

Aaaaand… Guildhests give none, so ignore them.


Finally, how long does it take to farm a Relic weapon through roulettes?

The whole batch of daily roulette types provides a flat amount of 720 Astronomy tomestones. Add tomestone boss drops from Expert Dungeons, and you’re over 750 – which means: TWO DAYS for a shiny new weapon.

Happy farming!

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