FFXIV: Hildibrand Adventures and Manderville Weapons (Spoilers)

6.25 is upon us, and yesterday I’ve completed one of the two major additions: the sequel to Hildibrand storyline which is also a lead-in to getting your first version of Relic weapons in Endwalker expansion.

*spoiler alert: I’ll review certain story pieces that caught my attention, so approach with care!

As always, Hildibrand story is a hilarious slapstick comedy, with totally unexpected twists and turns, but also its own iconic gags that you expect if you made it this far. As it was totally clear from where we left him in 6.1., the major events today happen in the Moon, but as with the First, it’s a one-time trip, and we’re unlikely to return here later.

So: to my regret, Loporrits won’t participate in creation of Relic weapons, they were but a minor side story factor, and not even that hilarious as their potential requires. Well, if you don’t consider a Smileton crew dance which was as awesome as it was unnecessary for the narrative, but hell, it’s Hildibrand, the sillier the better:

I liked all the gags of the story, and they also played with and averted iconic ones – as with Nashu’s bombs and Godbert’s pile driver move. No seriously, the whole cutscene slog improves drastically since ARR by expansion, and in Endwalker’s adventures I didn’t even want to fast forward a single moment of the cutscenes. If we speak about text stuff, I forgot how I like Nashu messing up names and everything: “Tower of Babble” forces me to chuckle every time I remember it :)

Anyhow, we’re back to Eorzea and acquired a companion to travel around and “solve the case”. Basically 6.25 was about finding the rogue inspector and setting the stage for the major story which will follow later.

Oh, and the whole story takes barely 10 minutes without cutscenes, so your alts (if you have them) don’t have to suffer :)

Manderville Weapons

This will be my first ever Relic weapon to farm and upgrade, and so far I’m very excited about it. The initial ilvl is 615, so it’s a definite upgrade for most of my jobs. I haven’t seen them all (but gotta get them all, of course!), but for the jobs I managed – Warrior and Dragoon – they have a great glam value. I was not that impressed with Warrior’s axe actually, as it has that crude barbaric design, crooked curves, furs and stuff:

My Lalafell prefers something more sophisticated and elegant, so I think I’ll still be using my bhuj glam for now. Dragoon weapon, on the other hand, is simply awesome and is gonna be the spear to wield, no question:

It’s sleek and elegant, and it has those frozen dragon coils from my combat moves! It’s simply awesome. Roegadyn decided that she gets a Summoner weapon first, as she needs it to drive the fresh caster into raids by ilvl, but in the end I’m getting them for all the jobs. Oh yes, and you can recolor them too according to your glam needs.

Finally, the farming gameplay. Every relic weapon requires 1500 astronomy tomestones, so a bit of a grind is waiting for me. Luckily, my jobs are split among 3 alts, and almost every duty roulette type has a tomestone reward, so it’s not gonna be that long, but still it’s about a couple of months of farming.

And you know what? I’m glad about that. First, I’ll be out of tasks very soon when my monk reaches level cap, and I need some combat activity except for a reset night of raiding – to keep playing the game because I want to. Second, I miss my Lalafell and Miqo’te. Four Abyssos runs upon reset (that takes barely an hour in the week per toon) are definitely not enough, and farming currency takes them back to the field with all their jobs possible. Third, it’s an easy and palpable goal to work towards, the grind is not excessive and is very reasonable. Every 3 days I’m getting a new flashy weapon upgrade, and the whole month(s?) of the patch timeline will be a streak of dopamine shots. All in all, I’m very excited about the whole thing.

I didn’t like that they set a weapons hub in Radz-at-Han. Logical as it might be lorewise, it overloads the already activity-heavy city hub with players even more. Tomestone exchange, raid token exchange, all the new lore is already concentrated here, and adding a relic weapons hub doesn’t help at all. Old Sharlayan might be a better place for a base of relic operations.

Is it allowed to hate Gerolt? He annoys me big time, with unintelligible sailor talk and simply being an asshole.

So, that will be it for now, and off to roulettes I go!

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