FFXIV: Manderville Weapons Progress & Glam Values

A week and a half passed since Patch 6.25 launch, and the process of getting my new shiny ilvl 615 Manderville weapons is well underway! That is, duty roulette farming for Astronomy Tomestones currency – 1500 per weapon. And it’s just two days worth of roulettes to get your next job/class packed.

I’m still a bit impeded considering gaming time, because I naturally devote Tuesday night to Abyssos raid reset on all three alts. And don’t forget my leveling monk – which is already 84 and will most certainly reach level cap before reset. But it also takes away time, and the very same roulettes that it does for leveling do not allow the currency income until level 90.

That all said, there are 19 combat jobs spread among my 3 alts, 19 weapons to get in total, and I’ve already grabbed seven! So now I can tell for sure that in two weeks time I’ll be done with this step.

Manderville weapons – as relic ones that will last for the entire expansion from now on – are surely beautifully designed, and carry the utmost glam/transmog value. Yet it’s all about personal preferences, so I would split them into three categories:

  • Immediate Glam. The appearance is so great and fits my job fantasy so well, that it’s gonna be the glam/transmog of choice, even if I get an ivl weapon upgrade in further expansions.
  • Glam for Now. The appearance is not exactly perfect to my liking, but it’s better than all the other glam options in the game, so I keep it until SE designs something even better.
  • Not It. The appearance of a weapon does not answer to my job vibes, or I already have a perfect glam for the job that I don’t want to change, and that Manderville weapon did not surpass.

So, out of seven weapons, how did it go?

  • Immediate Glam. Two so far: White Mage and Dragoon. These are too awesome in every sense, and I intend to keep them.
  • Glam for Now. Dancer’s chakrums are beautiful, but I’m not a fan of the multiple gems. If only they were round rather that square – this would have sealed the deal. Summoner’s tome and Black Mage‘s staff are actually something in between, it’s very cool, so replacing my previous weapon with it was easy and without a second thought, but I don’t exclude replacing it with something else some day.
  • Not It. Hilariously, it’s tanking weapons so far. Warrior has that crude barbaric axe design, all furs, bones and spikes. Gunbreaker’s gunblade is clumsy, oversized and all in all there’s absolutely nothing interesting about it. As I already had the perfect weapons for these jobs, I mogged the previous versions over Manderville with ease.

Out of the remaining jobs, I’m very happy with my current Bard, Red Mage and Machinist weapons, so Manderville armory will have to try hard to replace them :) As for the others – we shall see.

Yet again, I’m looking into a lull to come soon. My long-term project since Summer of re-assigning several jobs to Roegadyn and leveling them on this alt comes to a conclusion, Manderville weapons will also be done soon, so I’ll be left with Abyssos raid resets.

I’ve tried a Criterion/Variant dungeon run solo as a Warrior, wiped several times at final boss (didn’t figure out how this Gladiator three-level scale works), then I had to go. I’ll retry with groups and solo, on different roles, and return with the post specifically about them. So far it doesn’t look like a walk in the park, pretty challenging, so we’ll see if I want to push it for rewards and stuff, in groups or otherwise!

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