Legion: Dungeon Experience

Mine was awful yet. And it has nothing to do with Blizzard. Well, dungeon designs are actually great. They are beautiful, they have very interesting mechanics and bosses - almost every single boss has some proper imagination put in it. I haven't seen all of them yet - so far I've got to the four … Continue reading Legion: Dungeon Experience


Leveling Issues: The Burning Dungeons

Yet again I've just checked my Garrisons and had a Molten Core for reputation on weekend. The lion's share of my gaming was leveling the fire mage. The route through Outland was Hellfire Penninsula (in full), eastern part of Zangarmarsh and almost all Blade's Edge quests. And I did a single run for almost every Outland dungeon. … Continue reading Leveling Issues: The Burning Dungeons