Big Draenei Swap: Shaman Off, Death Knight On


Not at all satisfied with Elemental Shaman playing style – it’s mostly sky lightning which is ridiculous *plink*, I decided to delete Klaari at her 26 lv and try playing Death Knight again.

I have started like 4 Death Knights before, and experience was not satisfactory. This time it rolls more or less smoothly.

The obvious choice is Frost spec. I like Ice and Snow, I don’t like pets which are obligatory with Unholy, and I don’t tank so no Blood. Can’t yet grip the rotation: all the guides in the internet talk of abilities I don’t have yet. So I mostly faceroll now and somehow this does a trick :=) Death Knight feels deadly and fast. Grace of swaying a zweihander easily beats the arms warrior, and it gives so much more swordplay than retribution pally who stops here and there to cast light.

As of now I got 2 ideas of managing my fight:

  • First, you apply the 2 diseases like an affliction warlock
  • Second, you AoE and spread them to the mob pack with some blood splutter ability like an enhancement shaman

Then you just hit alll the other buttons available and everyone dies (not you).

My Draenei inherited Blacksmithing and Mining from the passed Shaman, cause I need these for my Alliance team. Frankly, it suits a DK more than to a Shaman.

We’re 59 now and I think I will dungeon through all the content before Draenor.

What else? Oh, the new starlet’s name.



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