Gear Up – Challenge Complete!


And so, with Ilmari kicking out a 640 trinket from Tectus yesterday, all of my toons are able to run Blackrock Foundry now!

So, now it’s time for new plans.

  1. Finish the Khadgar’s Ring 680 Apexis Crystal grinding – it’s gonna be the last leg of epic quest for all except Micromantica
  2. Grind the epic ring questline further with Micromantica
  3. Do Jukebox for Micromantica and get her tunes from across Azeroth
  4. Do selfies with Micromantica towards achievement (I got a camera toy and it has 2 upgrades already)
  5. Get myself the Alliance chopper! Got 70k/100k gold for it.
  6. Do Stables quests towards achievement for Mayluna
  7. Do Lumbermill quests towards achivement for Microfury
  8. Of course, run Blackrock Foundry for everyone to gear up for the next LFR
  9.  And – level up Melaris, my new born Death Knight from 61 to 100.
  10. Side quest: upgrading all followers, but frankly I’m sick of them and this “missions” game

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