New Specs!

For the second time in Legion the artifact system dictates me trying and playing the other specs than I normally like to play.

When you have a goal of driving every artifact to 52 traits, and you accidentally drop 21,8 million token into the already upgraded weapon… well, it sucks. So just in case I’m running, questing and exploring the pleasures of now-upgraded spec.

I think however good I’m becoming in playing an extra spec, sometimes I just don’t like to do this. Examples would be Beast Mastery for Backston, Demonology for Faerella or Unholy for Mindebad – outright boring. Mindebad is almost at 52 with her Unholy spec, and yet I didn’t grow to like it as much as I like Frost. So it’s 52, and I’m done with it.

Sometimes I switch specs due to their utility. Obviously tanking specs are a mere pleasure when engaging specifically fat very dangerous mobs during a world quest.

For warlocks it’s extremely awesome to quest in Affliction, because everything dies super fast, but I hate my mana depletion during raids, and a very slow Destruction is much more enjoyable for nuking bosses, although its mortar-type playing style is a torture in the field. It’s the same with shaman: Enhancement is very cool in the field, cause you rush into the fray, and in few quick blows everything’s dying, but Elemental is a preferable thing in raids to rain elements from afar and have a better sight of encounter.

Draenor introduced tanking specs to me, and in Legion I started healing. Actually every spec that can heal is my choice for Tomb of Sargeras today. It’s fun, relaxing, and very engaging. My paladin Anibell pulled off the Har’jatan encounter when our tank had 30 (!) stacks on himself. The other tank just died 5 seconds after he tried to tank any boss, I don’t know the reason. He was a warrior, he had a decent ilvl around 870 – quite enough for LFR. He just got one-shot – nothing a healer could do.

The most challenging spec is Discipline, and I tried it yesterday. It’s mind blowing by all means, but I think I’m starting to get the general idea. You have to place a heal on a friendly character, then start DPS-ing a boss very quickly to heal the friendly target, BUT if he’s dying, you have to switch to mighty direct healing spells. It’s outright insane :)

For a test, I ran Aqueducts to make it a bit challenging, but not so stressful as Tomb of Sargeras. Whew, it was fun. I want to learn the “how” at least. I like Holy very much, but Discipline has a potential in my case.

And when I’m done with healing artifacts, it’s gonna be time for tanking :) My goal with tanks is making it a fun and relaxing experience, not a run where I sweat and get tired :)

Anyways, exploring new specs is very fun! By the end of the Legion I’m gonna be decent in every 36 ways I guess.

Yet Another Race Swap

I did lots of race changes for my toons, and there’s always been one and only reason: I’ve stopped to like the vibe of a character’s moves.

The most outstanding example was swapping from a female Undead warrior: for no explainable reason she did flip-flop jumps during her rotation. Just imagine this: a sturdy warrior, a bony Undead, burdened with all the heavy plate armor, is jumping like a rabbit – even more than monks.

So, eventually I get tired of this, and it calls for a race change.

The current change was planned for Lizgun the Goblin Hunter.


Generally I like the animations of how she shoots, but her running with a bow was a bit funny. It was cool how I forged a bazooka trooper of her during Draenor campaign, but in Legion it calls for a classic stalker thing, so a goblin doesn’t exactly match. And the last thing is: there’s a very ridiculous ‘pole dancer’ strike if I go for Survival spec. It just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t look effective or powerful, and it exposes you to the enemy from all sides.

So, I did a test-drive of trial characters of different races. I was choosing between a Gnome, a Draenei and a Human females.

Draenei didn’t work at once. The girls are the most beautiful race in WoW, this is very true, but her shooting stances looked extremely clumsy. Draenei worked for my DK and Monk, but Hunter just didn’t fit.

Gnome was very cool. I just saw how she shoots, and it’s a proper steampunk / space marine. I’ve immediately imagined a front line with bunkers and trenches, or a war engulfed street. In this kind of setting I would go for a Gnome Hunter – Storm Trooper. Yet, in WoW we mostly deal with adventures in the wilds, so I wanted a classic explorer.

Then came Human. It worked at once, so Human it is. I’ve tried every spec, and the animations were perfect both with Survival and Marksmanship. She would fit both in towns and in the wilds. I was inspired by Grizzly Hills human community – if you remember the worgen curse questline there in Northrend. Just this trapper type.


As usual, I’ve spent one-and-a-half hour meditating about her name. The ones I’ve wanted were already taken, and even the inventive ones.

There’s a special benefit of giving a surname for nickname: yesterday it paid off.

Backston was my Human Warrior once:


And I’ve came up with an idea: what if she and my new hunter were sisters? Now it makes sense:

  • Warrior sister: Julia Backston
  • Hunter sister: Katalina Backston

Julia has ended her campaign in Draenor, so my new hunter would use their family name now.



Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

Weekend was totally devoted to acquiring new Class Order Hall followers for my toons, and I’ve seen them for every class. It was a fun journey!

So, here are the impressions. I would grade the questlines in three groups: Awww, Eh and Meh.

The questlines are very similar: first you are sent to class-specific zone of Azeroth, then every class goes to Broken Shore to solve a tactical task. You get a quest companion / briefing NPC almost immediately, so it’s easy to guess who will be your new follower.

Let’s start with “Meh”

“Meh” Follower Questlines

1/ Warlock: the new follower is Kanrethad Ebonlocke, the former leader of the warlock circle. First we cope with cultists in Azsuna, and then you go to Brokens Shore’s most eastern corner to stop some demon resurrection or whatever. The follower is the least interesting, the questline is dull, and it’s grind, grind, grind. It even involves a grinding fill-the-bar quest which I could do simultaneously with a world quest. You know what? I could have completed THREE of these world quests while I did this campaign fill-the-bar grind.

2/ Warrior: warriors get one of the significant faction figures: Darius Crowley for Alliance players or Eitrigg for Horde players. It’s the worst questline as you never guess what should you do… Yes, you return to Helheim because you need to save Valar’jar from Helya’s realm.

Vikings – are – boring. We are doing one and the same thing with vikings through questing in Stormheim, world quests, warrior order hall campaign, a dungeon, and then a raid. All this pathetic speech about halls of valor and helya. We are not that stupid, we got it the first time, thank you. Please just fucking stop it. I’m not excited by any vrykul stuff, it’s boring by itself, and with every new lore piece there are only more iterations of one and the same shit, throughout the whole expansion. Their story just doesn’t evolve anywhere. At Broken Shore you liberate Horde or Alliance warriors at naga enclave, and raise vrykul from the sea to crush Legion portals. In two words, it’s awful.

I never want to see a single vrykul in my life ever again. Apparently I will at least have to “prove my valor” for a millionth time to get a class mount, and I’m already crying at the perspective. Look, even the guy himself is bored. Get a life, man! Azeroth is a place full of wonders.


3/ Paladin: Your new follower is a no-name Nerus Moonfang, a Night Elf ghost. He sold the asses of his people to Legion, so we retrieve his relics in Val’sharah, and then we go to liberate the ghosts near the Broken Shore northern flight point. He didn’t seem any interesting to me, I don’t care if his redemption is successful, so the questline is just “Let it be”. To compensate, paladins may get a second follower: Maximillian of Northshire. Apparently I didn’t do his Un’Goro quests in my pally, so he wasn’t available for me yet. The guy is hilarious, so I definitely want to see the sequel of his story.

“Eh” Follower Questlines

4/ Mage: Aethas Sunreaver, the Horde leader in old Dalaran. He somehow rushes in the Order Hall and says: I’m with you now! Let’s forget how we helped Garrosh to try and destroy the world, and then you slaughtered us! My Micromantica is a close friend of Jaina, and she cannot greet Aethas with her hands open.

So, why couldn’t he at least be there from the very beginning of Legion invasion?

Anyways, we travel to Suramar and retrieve some what’s-its to strengthen Dalaran’s defense. A decent cause, and it wasn’t much boring.

Mages also get another follower: Alazakzaram, the trickster goblin in Dalaran who is also a mission table guy in our order hall. There’s a small and funny travel into his tophat:


I secretly hoped that our new follower could be Valtrois. Alas, did not happen.

5/ Rogue: Again it depends on the faction. You receive either Tess Greymane (Alliance follower), daughter of Genn and heir to the Gilneas throne or Lilian Voss (Horde follower), the famous Undead rogue you may know from Scholomance or Tirisfal Glades questline.

Your goal is diversion, so you travel to pirate enclave in Azsuna to steal some black powder, and then you go to Broken Shore to blow up a cave with some serious Legion leaders within.

I liked how the Broken Shore part was designed, but that pirate enclave is depressing, swarming with unnecessary mobs (flight and stealth doesn’t help much), and your briefing guy admiral Tethys is just an idiot. And not a hilarious idiot, but an annoying idiot type. This is why I’d say the Rogue experience is 50/50, so Eh.

6/ Shaman: one more questionable morale questline. You new follower is no less than Magatha Grimtotem who’s responsible for Cairne Bloodhoof’s treacherous death, and who attempted to claim Thunder Bluff to herself. In other words, Grimtotem tribe are evil Tauren. She rushes into our Order Hall, and guards won’t let her in. You go with her to Thousand Needles because Legion is an ultimate enemy, so we must help her. And then she tries to get some Pebble of Doom to herself – well, because she’s evil. We don’t let her, and we go to Broken Shore to stop the demons messing around with elements. Magatha accompanies us.

The whole questline seemed so unnatural. If we don’t trust her, why would we leave her to hang out in our Order Hall? And the Pebble of Doom was something not well explained or introduced, first it’s obtained as some loot like ‘old fingernail’, and then it’s an action button which nearly got me killed. I couldn’t care less. It’s very close to “Meh”, but it’s my favorite elements in action. And I also awarded bonus points for travel to Thousand Needles (could have been Deepholm or Firelands or Vashjir, so blessed be Blizzard).

7/ Hunter: Remember how you “bolstered our ranks” by “seeking out the withered” and suddenly there came a wandering elite rider from behind and killed you in seconds? This is Nighthuntress Syrenne, a new follower in Survival spec of hunters’ order hall.

First you find her injured riding manakitty in Crimson Thicket and cure it, then naturally you make friends with the rider herself. And you go together to Broken Shore to liberate many beasts from fel corruption. It’s a solid good questline, and in true hunter style. I felt affection to the follower, and I’m glad that shal’dorei joined us.

8/ Monk: Your follower is brewmaster Almai, a Pandaren girl. You return to Stormstout Brewery to save it from Legion invasion, and then a terrible treachery happens in your own order hall. It’s one of the two order halls that are attacked by Legion directly. When you clear the mess, you go to the central part of Broken Shore to prevent making poisonous fel alcohol.

You would never think, but the jovial monks tonight are engaged in one of the most grave questlines. There’s not a grain of fun in the questline, it’s very tragic and serious.

9/ Demon Hunter: the follower is Lady S’theno, the leader of your order hall naga. This lady just got bored of sitting on her tail in your order hall, so she wants some action. Trouble comes right to you: Mardum world and your own spaceship are suddenly attacked by Legion, so you fight with the demons right at your order hall and outside.


Then you go to Broken Shore, to Tomb of Sargeras grounds to retrieve few mats for repairing your order hall and recover the defenses. The questline is pretty boring, but I liked how Lady S’theno openly despises you, Illidan, your order hall, your illidari, and claims that she’s on her own. She doesn’t obey, she cooperates. She acts because she believes this is right, not because illidari stuff and home are awesome. My Melaris the Demon Hunter has exactly the same thoughts, so I think we could be friends.

“Awww” Follower Questlines

10/ Priest: your follower would be Aelthalyste, a Priest trainer from the Undercity. Not faction specific, because my priest is a Gnome. The questline is awesome. You go to Highmountain swamps in the north to investigate the infestation and help find a cure for Aelthalyste’s apprentice. During the quests you need to use a wide range of priest’s special abilities. Then you go to Broken Shore island to dispatch some plague devices.

The questline is very fun, inventive and awesome, although I was very surprised to find a banshee as a priest follower :)

11/ Death Knight: will be followed by Minerva Ravensorrow, an Undead Death Knight. The goal is to retrieve an item from Pit of Saron – so that you’d be able to rez some dead dragons to your cause. And then you naturally go to Stormheim where you could find the dead dragons graveyard :) You rez some, and then there’s an ice breath bombardment as a climax rather than you common boss fight.


Minerva, despite being a Death Knight and an Undead, is a very cheerful person. I laughed so hard at her speeches and a comical voice :) So I was just glad she joined me :)


12/ Druid: the last, but not the least is Thisalee Crow. Druid of the Purr, Thisalee is a hyperactive and fierce Night Elf teenager. We go to Hyjal to cope with demons at Aviana’s sanctuary. Then we learn that Goldrinn, the big white wolf, is in depression because Varian died! So the wolf just slumbers in Moonglade, and demons want to corrupt him, or tickle him to death – either way, we are on errand to wake him. We do, and the most awesome follower Thisalee joins us =^+^=.


Order Hall campaigns are cool and inventive. I like how they brought us to different corners of Azeroth, showed us that all the world is threated. I liked how Blizzard gave every class a new storyline, and eventually they all took part in striking Legion in Broken Shore: every class in his own area. So when you’ve seen all, you can see the whole picture how order halls work to defeat the Legion at every front.

A Song for Your Class

I’ve been nursing this idea for a while.

Here’s your task: try and find the song for a class (or a spec).


  1. Full lyrics should fit. That is, if lyrics mention ‘coke’ or ‘London’ or ‘car’ – you failed. It should be a song fitting WoW universe. Maybe your WoW toon could use as a motto or an order hall theme.
  2. It’s better if music fits the lyrics.

The game starts with Dimmu Borgir’s “Puritania”. I’ve been singing along, and it suddenly dawned on me that the whole track is a Death Knight hymn. Music fits, so it’s a perfect example:

We do away with your kind
Count down to exterminate the human race

Let chaos entwine
On defenseless soil
Remove errors of man
And sweep all the weakening kind

I am war, I am pain
I am all you’ve ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies

Bygone are intolerance
And presence of grace
Scavengers are sent out
To cleanse the human filth parades

I am pure, I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh, I am smile
I am the earth defiled

I am the cosmic storm
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night
I am bringer of light

Nice :) The second example is a track of Battle Beast “Madness” – guess what? I found a song for Shadow Priests, and my Aurinko tends to hum it while questing :) The music doesn’t really fit, but the lyrics do:

One and only reality
Fatal journey to infinity
Chase the monster of the seven seas
Face it, kill it, and you’ll be free
I am thy strength, I am thy sword

My name is Madness
And I’m the light you need in darkness
You can’t escape from me
‘Cause i’m Madness
And I will tear your soul apart
We die as one
As one

Know your demons to know where to strike
Dark is their home and well they hide
Bloodbound battle, a quest for truth
I’m the last one to die in you
I am berserk, I fear no fear

My name is Madness
And I will hunt you down in darkness
You can’t escape from me
‘Cause i’m Madness
The demon slayer in your head
I’m always there

No one can hear you scream
No one will find you
There’s no way out of here alive

So, could you come up with more examples?
Hashtag #ClassSoundtrack

The Shower of Big Deals

These days it was raining with the long-term goals coming to an end. Here’s what happened one after another:

1. Suramar Portals 


I knew I must open all of them, and this last gap was bothering me. But I never thought I would find this last portal unexpected. I just came across it on my way to daily quest.


2. Upgrading All Followers


It just came to an end for Micromantica after persistent work. All her followers are now of rare quality and 850 ilvl.

Once I have that achievement, I don’t feel like I’m gonna do the same for other toons. I just need an ultimate team of 5 coolest and most favorite followers in every order hall. Once the team covers all the threats, the rest go to barracks and stay there.

3. My First Legendary Epic Item!

Gardell, my Blood Elf Paladin girl, was the first among my toons to lay her hands on an epic item of 895. She drew a plate belt from daily box in Val’sharah, quite unexpected. I’ve never craved any legendary things as they are a complete random, so why even bother? :) It was a very pleasant surprise, but I was not overexcited.

It’s nice how the belt changed its appearance when you change specs. It would add a holy book if you try to spec into healer. Anyways, I’m a retribution crusader, so it’s spec back and transmog.

4. Timewalking Horse

Lizgun the Hunter found herself at 4875 tokens saved since Spring, so she naturally went for one more dungeon to buy us a ghost horse for 5k. We ran The Nexus, it went smooth and fast, no delays, no deaths, just a fast run.

It was funny how after you kill the Ormorok elemental, you go through a tunnel and jump down to proceed to the last dragon boss. My pet naturally can’t jump, so it went all the way round and aggroed an extra pack we were supposed to miss. When I realized that was about to happen, I dismissed my pet, but it was too late and they ran after me, even if I was in another room from aggro radius and never came close to the mobs myself. Long story short, the mobs came to us, we kicked their asses in a pair of seconds (nothing bad happened), but party members posted in chat: Hunters are so Hunters… and laughed a lot.

Yeah, even if you’re a melee hunter (and I am), it won’t save you from hunter destiny.

Anyways, the horse is mine!

5. Side Effect of Campaigns: Artifact Appearance

Normally I stay with the first tier, it seems like the best for me. But this one:


It’s opened when you finish class order hall campaign, and I’ve wanted this keg staff ever since it was datamined in Spring or even earlier. OMG, and finally I have it! Not the funny dangling pints, but the KEG!

6. Class Order Hall Campaigns – Feat of Strength



The journey was exciting. I strongly enjoyed the storytelling, the lore, your strong bonds with your class. In warlock case, you cannot win the final battle until you remember about your rarely-to-never used, a very specific spell of temporarily banishing a demon. The other classes also find some use of their spellbook.

My favorite campaigns were Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Monk and Shaman.

I would highly recommend this content – for I find it the best thing in Legion yet.

Rogue Hexen was the last to complete her campaign

So, What’s Next?

My next goals are more or less in vein of the previous expansions: gaining ilvl and AP.

  • I want to run Emerald Nightmare LFR with all the toons at least once – and tank there with my two tanks.
  • I need to gain ilvl and AP for that.
  • I need to complete Suramar questline on Micromantica (14k/21k, come on!) and go for the next chapter.
  • I need to see the missed side questlines in every zone – especially Stormheim and Highmountain
  • I need to remember about my Professions at last, and do some thorough questing and leveling.

Well, the journey is far from over :)

Class Hotfixes!


Just my feelings and thoughts about latest class tunings. I won’t repost the whole list, you can read it for example @ BlizzardWatch.

My general message has two edges, good and bad.

First of all, did we really have to wait for the first raid to launch, and fix classes only after?

We’re celebrating the first month of Legion in the coming days. During the month, most players have leveled to 110, run dungeons, and are way into Suramar and world quests which is a hardcore gameplay for some of us. That is: the whole variety of content was covered, and it was NOT a pleasant ride for some specs.

While a number of specs suffered to the extent I hated to login with them, I’m mostly talking Frost Mages of course. It’s been the first time in my WoW history when my main just HAD to switch spec to Fire – not to die from a wind’s blow. Frost was tears, sweat and blood, and it was pain, and it was deaths, deaths, deaths. The whole leveling and Suramar experience for Micromantica was ruined at a large scale.

It required the first raiding week stats for Blizzard to see Frost mages at the very bottom of DPS table – HALF worse than the best DPS spec. Just think of it: whatever you do, you are 50% power from MM Hunters and Havoc Demon Hunters.

I don’t care much of squeezing the last dps drops from my specs, but the gameplay was so uncomfortable that I feel like I’m unloading iron when fighting common mobs.

It was a bitch ride. Yes, I think the big class hotfixes should have come way earlier – at least two weeks into expansion, and little tweaks after raids.

Second: the hotfixes are here, and thank gods they are.

I’m listing the specs of importance to me – today’s morning I tested them all first hand.

Frost Mage – yes, yes, and yes. I did a daily in Suramar for a test, and it’s all as it should be. Our frost power is back, and I’m finally playing, not crawling through a thorn thicket of mobs. I don’t mind minor tweaks, but it’s all is just that good now. Mage is in place. I’m happy.

Elemental Shaman – got some buffs, and it was really needed. Shaman was squishier than a Priest – imagine that. When I end a fight while leveling, I end up with barely 20% of health bar. If it wore cloth, it would die more often than a mage – yes, it’s possible. And shaman are not about ‘plink’, they’re about unleashing and smashing.

Elemental Shaman Before Hotfixes


Elemental Shaman After Hotfixes


Retribution Paladin – they got some buffs. Pally was not exactly squishy, but yes, I felt underpowered. Thank you.

Frost Death Knight – we got our powers back. I got used to Death Knight as a swift blades master, it was a perfect machine of delivering death. In seconds the fights were over. I’m glad I can play that way again. The previous pre-hotfix version was slow as a tractor, and it didn’t compensate with hard hitting.

I Didn’t Ask For This, But Thanks:

Assassination Rogues, Destruction Warlocks, Survival Hunters were buffed too. And it was a significant buff. I never complained about any of these specs, they felt very, very confident in battles against common mobs and taking out elite rares solo. Well… thanks! I don’t mind at all.

Raiding begins for me today – you know, I’m an LFR creature, so it’s gonna be my first glance at a raid in Legion :) I’m stepping in with my Mage – she’s the only one ready for LFR by now. And yes, I’ll be doing it as a Frost Mage!

Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

After assembling my Feat of Strength Team yesterday, I’ve made an important toon toggle between realms.

Gottenbar the Tauren Warrior was the second warrior on my main EU-Fordragon realm. I transferred him to EU-Azuregos where my other alts dwell to free a slot. And Baisa the Shadow Priest moved to EU-Fordragon – to become the priest there.

*Funny thing: ‘Baisa’ nickname was already taken at Fordragon, so I was suddenly stuck in inventing the new nickname for an hour. Finally I’ve narrowed options to play on light and darkness – which resulted in Aurinko, ‘sun’ in Finnish.

The operation resulted in this: EU-Fordragon now holds 12 toons of different classes, the ultimate team. Six of them are Gnomes, which is especially heartwarming for a blogger named Gnomecore for a reason. And that left me thinking: do I really need the rest of the toons at EU-Azuregos?

Tanking Team

As a devoted DPS throughout all my life, I’ve grabbed the idea of tanking and liked it only in Draenor dungeons and LFR. By my habit, I’ve started separate toons for the tanking specs. Yet in Legion it may be much more enjoyable to level up another artifacts and double-spec. The only question is: will I regret about toons and will the tank spec vibe fit my DPS races?

Gottenbar, Protection Warrior


I’ve never really liked Tauren because of their movement. Due to their size, their strides are wide and slow. Although Tauren tanking vibe is extremely convincing – who would tank among races if not Tauren, after all? – I could live without it, especially if ‘an armored flea’ comes in charge:

Bons, Fury Warrior


I would trade with ease. Bons would double-spec into Fury and Protection. Gottenbar – out.

Zindari, Vengeance Demon Hunter


Well, this would be easy. he’s very new, I didn’t invest any specific time in him. I’ve just replayed the starting DH questline to see all the small things I’ve previously missed in a rush. He didn’t invested time to do any invasions.

Although I liked the vibe of a male Blood Elf as a Demon Hunter, he steps aside for trained and geared:

Melaris, Havoc Demon Hunter


The Night Elf girl would DPS, but also she could tank if she gets bored. I’ve grasped the abilities and the whole DH tanking idea. So, Melaris will double-spec into both Havoc and Vengeance. Zindari – out.

*Yet he will do one more thing for the sake of other toons. He must into Draenor and do Jeweller’s Horde starting quest for a toy you can’t get otherwise. Then he vanishes into Twisting Nether.

Oluu, Brewmaster Monk


Why, she was nice. But something was broken in the pre-patch. Some spells were gone, and the few left just feel awkward with a Draenei. Her class match @ Fordragon is:

Paitsu, Windwalker Monk


The big thing is that Brewmasters will wield kegs like Chen Stormstout – putting them on shoulder. This doesn’t associate well with sleek races like draenei, trolls and elves. But it will go extremely well with orcs, pandaren, dwarves… – and yes, gnomes.

I just think it’s gonna be awesome. So, Paitsu will double spec as Windwalker and Brewmaster. Oluu – out.

Now that we’ve done with the tanking toons, let’s go to some harder choices.

Kellers, Fire Mage


Well, she’s just so cool. The animation of a casting human female is so great that I enjoyed every moment of it all through her leveling and up to invasions. Her class match is:

Micromantica, Ice Mage


There could be no blending. Yes, I would give Micromantica a fire spec, no problem. But Kellers is so in character, she’s so awesome that I just can’t delete her! :) Kellers – stays. 

Hedersen, Outlaw Rogue


Yeah, she’s also an awesome character. Her fighting style and class fantasy is corsair, and cool cutlasses just can’t, won’t go with my assassin, Hexen:


The girls stay as they are. Hexen will be an elite assassin, and Hedersen is a corsair princess, all about seas and sails. And swords. Hedersen – stays. 

The Final Toon List for Legion