Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!

Blizzard is finally out of dead silence, and there begins a shower of news. Alpha access is ready to arrive during this week to check out the first Bastion zone leveling and corresponding dungeon. Torghast and 1-50 leveling is also coming in April. With that, players will naturally get an access to the updated classes … Continue reading Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!


Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview

A thourough research, alt+tab guides, was held yesterday and today. I've tried all the classes in the field during Army of the Light emissary quests and assaulted dummies in Pandaria hubs. Here's my report. First of all, healing will not be a thing of this article. The arsenal of healers did not experience too many … Continue reading Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview

Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs: Class Choice

Blizzard's official announcement about new Allies - Dark Irons and Mag'har Orcs - is up! Most importantly, the list of classes and racial abilities is published too. And it is high time to think about our new alts. Dark Iron Dwarves The Dark Irons can boast this set of classes: Hunter Mage Monk Paladin Priest … Continue reading Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs: Class Choice

Class Changes in BfA: Your Wishes?

There's one more topic which is pretty vital, and this is class changes. We already know that there's gonna be tweaks to class rotations as several artifact perks would be blended into talents or baseline spells, we know that raid buffs will be back and stuff. I'm not gonna discuss any raiding environment, partly because … Continue reading Class Changes in BfA: Your Wishes?

Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?

Tell us how you are finding the fantasy of the class and the world we live in. Has Blizzard nailed it on the head, or is it just leaving you cold and wanting to re-write the way your toon’s class is portrayed. Legion encourages us to play every class in the game - which I … Continue reading Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?