Leveling Issues: Death Knight Melaris

TRIVIA ABOUT MY TEN 100s 1. First of all, on this weekend I finished the Epic Ring questline for everyone until ilvl 680 - and I will leave it at that. Can't grind this many Ogre stones and further runes for anyone except my main. Just sick of Highmaul. UPD: Just thought that if I … Continue reading Leveling Issues: Death Knight Melaris


Big Draenei Swap: Shaman Off, Death Knight On

Not at all satisfied with Elemental Shaman playing style - it's mostly sky lightning which is ridiculous *plink*, I decided to delete Klaari at her 26 lv and try playing Death Knight again. I have started like 4 Death Knights before, and experience was not satisfactory. This time it rolls more or less smoothly. The … Continue reading Big Draenei Swap: Shaman Off, Death Knight On