Side Quests: Yes or Not?


I’ve realized today that I will cover the side questlines on my toons.

There are several benefits coming out of it.

  • First of all, some of them grant you reputation, and a good chunk of it.
  • Second, it’s extra benefits: for example, it’s AP items, cooking recipes, or even the fact that kobold community in Highmountain would be neutral to you ever since.
  • Third, I’m a completionist :)

So, let’s list the side questlines that don’t count into Loremaster achievement. I list the ones that I know of, please add more in the comments!


  • Ghosts-and-wine enclave in the northwest (also a flight point)
  • Demon gates in the east (also a flight point)
  • Imp questline in the southern continental part


  • Furbolg village attacked by imps
  • Hippogryphs & wood spirits
  • Mad moonkin & dryads


  • Murloc problem & murloc ‘king’
  • Kobold cave
  • Hemet Nesingwary & Addie
  • Harpies totem problem
  • Hunter equipment testing
  • Some cultist cave in the central ridge
  • Earth fury cave by Thunder Totem


  • Murloc problem
  • Sad moonkin story
  • Tricky murderous goblins


  • Murloc love story
  • Druids & Suramar hunters
  • Cleaning the waters
  • Helping a Nightfallen researcher
  • Free a dwarf and find his human companion

Are there more?.. Please add in the comments below!

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