Battle for Azeroth: Alliance Leveling Guide

Having played through multiple alts, I’ve worked out my best ways of leveling through the zones.

General notes: 

  • The goal of this guide is to provide climactic story experience;
  • Without getting lost in side questlines;
  • And leaving no side questlines behind.
  • Exploration achievements will be completed on the way.
  • As well as all flight paths opened.
  • The order of the zones is optional.
  • Each zone provides ~4-5 levels upon full completion.
  • You will hit level 120 by the middle of your third zone.
  • I choose to put aside gathering and war campaign quests until level 120 – not to distract from the zones, but you may choose to do them in between.
  • Leave all dungeon quests and dungeon runs until 120! I’ll explain this further.
  • Beware of the spoilers ;)


Drustvar is a straightforward story with small number of side questlines.


  • Start with Fallhaven and clear the witch corruption to earn your tavern and flight path (1);
  • Do Carver’s Harbor and solve a cult problem (2,3);
  • Save stranded kid explorers from troggs (4);
  • Clean the Barrowknoll cemetery on your way to Hangman’s Point (5);
  • Prove Lucille Waycrest innocent at Hangman’s Point (6);
  • Solve the crazy fisherman’s trouble (7);
  • Solve the trouble at Fletcher’s Hollow (8), return to Hangman’s Point;
  • Solve Gol Koval troubles (9), then hearthstone to Boralus and fly back to Fallhaven;
  • Do the yeti and Order of Embers in the mountains (10);
  • Finish the questline with Drust druids (11);
  • Complete Arom’s Stand (12);
  • Proceed to the south (13);
  • Clear the Crimson Forest – this is a long and climactic story (14);
  • Earn your flight path in Anyport (15);
  • Solve mushroom problem (16);
  • Do Corlain (17);
  • Do Whitegrove Chapel (18) and don’t forget to sail/travel by water strider to the island to complete Explore Drustvar (19);
  • Storm the Manor grounds! (20)

The zone is a lead-in to Waycrest Manor dungeon.

Tiragarde Sound

Tiragarde Sound leveling is split in half in two even parts: north and south of Boralus. I choose doing the north first and finish with the zone climax in the south which leads you back to the capital.



  • Go to Hatherford with your bundle of furs quest and solve a witch problem in Alderson’s Lumber Yard (1);
  • Solve Thovas Base-Camp (2);
  • She sells sea-shells on your way! (3);
  • Hunt beasts and save a Timmy from troggs (4);
  • Complete Norwington Estate prancing and tortollan story (5);
  • Save castaways from sirens (6);
  • Hunt with the Roughnecks! (7);
  • Complete Anglepoint mystery (8) – a climactic and long storyline with lots of swimming and grinding;


  • Travel with your lead-in quest and clear Ashvane Foundry (9);
  • Go to Bridgeport and take the quests, but don’t go with Flynn yet (10);
  • Go to another town on the shore and proceed to the gnome steam resort (11, 12);
  • Help hunters from Kenning’s Lodge (13);
  • Solve the mine trouble (14);
  • Now return to Bridgeport, go with Flynn to clear the castaways and sirens quest (15);
  • Proceed to Freehold outskirts and Freehold itself (16);
  • Fly to Vigil Hill by quest and repel the invasion (17);
  • Participate in the zone climax in Boralus (18).

The zone is a lead-in to Freehold dungeon.

Stormsong Valley

The zone has mutiple themes – mostly you help the farmers to repel different threats, as well as solving the mystery of a lost Kul Tiran fleet.


  • Learn more about the fleet mystery in Boralus (0);
  • Storm through the ‘gates’ and meet Brother Pyke in the zone capital city – Brennadam (1, 2);
  • Solve a lost caravan trouble and kill some saurolisks (3);
  • Advance with the main story towards totem-enslaved citizens (4);
  • Solve the Mildenhall Meadery mystery (5) and open a flight path;
  • Advance with the main story and fight in the Brineworks (6);
  • Proceed to unveil the threat at ship parking zone (7);
  • Storm Sagehold (8);
  • Proceed up to the entrance to Shrine of the Storms (9, 10);

Here ends this big story arc which leads into Shrine of the Storms dungeon. But we have more troubles in the west and more than half zone unexplored!

  • From Shrine, fly to Brennadam to witness… Horde invasion! Help to protect the city (11);
  • Help a smaller village in the north (12);
  • Lay waste to the Horde base in Clearcut (13) and leave it for now;
  • Find an old sunken treasure in Deadwash (14);
  • Help the farmers with quillboar invasion from Briarback Kraul – this is a long and grindy questline (15);
  • Help the mill town to cope with ettin (16);
  • Start your acquaintance with naga in Seabreeze village (17);
  • Solve naga problem in Fort Daelin (18);
  • Aid tortollans in their ecological efforts against the Trade Co. (19). Here you can give in your tortollan pilgrimage scrolls from treasure chests.

When you finish up the zone leveling, you will get Jaina’s questline. Jaina’s questline requires several dungeon runs:

  • Waycrest Manor
  • Shrine of the Storms
  • Tol Dagor
  • Siege of Boralus (mythic-only)

That is why you postpone the dungeons until 120. This way you could do zone quests and Jaina quests simultaneously, and also get gear for 120 instead of poor leveling items.


9 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Alliance Leveling Guide

  1. Well done! I’m going to book mark this for my lost characters — I can’t tell you of the times I’ve wandered about wondering what was supposed to be next. The Stormsong route to the dungeon works perfectly and logically, some of the others have left me confused.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very nice! Ive taken to slowly leveling my “story alts” by doing main story and dungeon. Then switch to horde and do main story and dungeon of 1 zone. Then outpost 1. Then side quests. Then whenever I finish thise I will move to the next zone.

    I will definitely use these routes to help plan out my routes!


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