The Worst Thing in Legion Expansion

Glitter Poop

No, it’s not flight delays, or AP grind, or class revamps, or dungeons, or even Nomi.

It’s “legendary” gear.

That’s right. It’s the worst addition in a game ever.

And the word “legendary” is coming in quote marks – for a reason.

Writing this post was triggered by a post in a guild chat – “It’s my tenth legendary on this toon”…

Everything is wrong with them.

You can’t wear every item you “earn”. A year into expansion most legendaries you get will become vendor trash. When you got the “best ones”, you may sell the others to Applebough. Legendary, huh?

That’s right, you don’t even EARN them. They come naturally and with not a slightest effort from your side. Ergo, they are not legendary. There’s nothing legendary about getting them, it’s just a flat bonus to one of your spells and stats given for nothing.  They don’t feel special, just a chaotic shower of random orange poop. And like I said – vendor trash is their nearest future.

Then there’s random. It bothers both serious hardcore players which need certain things to maximize their performance and casual players who just need the drop for drop and mogging’s sake. You can’t get one if you want it.

There’s a sick obsession with legendaries. I’m sick of being congratulated by guildies, the discussion of every drop and all. There’s nothing to congratulate me with, thank you very much.


And finally, I’m sick of the slang name “lega” – it’s just disgusting.

Shinies for free must go away and never come back.


4 thoughts on “The Worst Thing in Legion Expansion

  1. There had been talk, we don’t want players to feel they need to cart around multiple sets of gear. Instead they have created a system where you need certain Legendary pieces for specific fights because just swapping around talents wasn’t enough of a hassle. I have gotten 3. And getting them was a very, oh huh, moment. Not an OMG!!!! All my work finally paid off.

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  2. You know I know nothing about this expansion but since rejoining twitter, this is all I have seen and I couldn’t understand how so many people were getting “legendaries” when I’ve only ever got one bow in my whole life.

    It makes sense now and I agree. How can it be legendary if it just drops randomly and so often?! I don’t get it.

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