The Shower of Big Deals

These days it was raining with the long-term goals coming to an end. Here’s what happened one after another:

1. Suramar Portals 


I knew I must open all of them, and this last gap was bothering me. But I never thought I would find this last portal unexpected. I just came across it on my way to daily quest.


2. Upgrading All Followers


It just came to an end for Micromantica after persistent work. All her followers are now of rare quality and 850 ilvl.

Once I have that achievement, I don’t feel like I’m gonna do the same for other toons. I just need an ultimate team of 5 coolest and most favorite followers in every order hall. Once the team covers all the threats, the rest go to barracks and stay there.

3. My First Legendary Epic Item!

Gardell, my Blood Elf Paladin girl, was the first among my toons to lay her hands on an epic item of 895. She drew a plate belt from daily box in Val’sharah, quite unexpected. I’ve never craved any legendary things as they are a complete random, so why even bother? :) It was a very pleasant surprise, but I was not overexcited.

It’s nice how the belt changed its appearance when you change specs. It would add a holy book if you try to spec into healer. Anyways, I’m a retribution crusader, so it’s spec back and transmog.

4. Timewalking Horse

Lizgun the Hunter found herself at 4875 tokens saved since Spring, so she naturally went for one more dungeon to buy us a ghost horse for 5k. We ran The Nexus, it went smooth and fast, no delays, no deaths, just a fast run.

It was funny how after you kill the Ormorok elemental, you go through a tunnel and jump down to proceed to the last dragon boss. My pet naturally can’t jump, so it went all the way round and aggroed an extra pack we were supposed to miss. When I realized that was about to happen, I dismissed my pet, but it was too late and they ran after me, even if I was in another room from aggro radius and never came close to the mobs myself. Long story short, the mobs came to us, we kicked their asses in a pair of seconds (nothing bad happened), but party members posted in chat: Hunters are so Hunters… and laughed a lot.

Yeah, even if you’re a melee hunter (and I am), it won’t save you from hunter destiny.

Anyways, the horse is mine!

5. Side Effect of Campaigns: Artifact Appearance

Normally I stay with the first tier, it seems like the best for me. But this one:


It’s opened when you finish class order hall campaign, and I’ve wanted this keg staff ever since it was datamined in Spring or even earlier. OMG, and finally I have it! Not the funny dangling pints, but the KEG!

6. Class Order Hall Campaigns – Feat of Strength



The journey was exciting. I strongly enjoyed the storytelling, the lore, your strong bonds with your class. In warlock case, you cannot win the final battle until you remember about your rarely-to-never used, a very specific spell of temporarily banishing a demon. The other classes also find some use of their spellbook.

My favorite campaigns were Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Monk and Shaman.

I would highly recommend this content – for I find it the best thing in Legion yet.

Rogue Hexen was the last to complete her campaign

So, What’s Next?

My next goals are more or less in vein of the previous expansions: gaining ilvl and AP.

  • I want to run Emerald Nightmare LFR with all the toons at least once – and tank there with my two tanks.
  • I need to gain ilvl and AP for that.
  • I need to complete Suramar questline on Micromantica (14k/21k, come on!) and go for the next chapter.
  • I need to see the missed side questlines in every zone – especially Stormheim and Highmountain
  • I need to remember about my Professions at last, and do some thorough questing and leveling.

Well, the journey is far from over :)


4 thoughts on “The Shower of Big Deals

  1. You are so organized it is inspiring, congrats on the legendary and the timewalking horse, i love that mount … reminder: class mounts are coming soon, what do you think of them?


    • There were some strange Dr. Moreau hybrids xD We shall see how they feel in game, but priest and hunter look interesting.
      I definitely do NOT approve mage’s disc. With hovering mount you can’t tell whether you’ve landed, and it’s very, very annoying. If only they added sound or animation or both.
      I don’t like huge mounts, dragons and all. They feel bulky and slow.
      I definitely like the rogue crow, seems too perfect to be true.


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