Trivia: A Streak of Achievements

It was quite a week of my vacation devoted to WoW mostly. And I’ve advanced significantly on my way in different directions. Let’s talk one by one.


No mount this year – again. 13 tries daily, and no result. People advise to just quit trying any holiday mount! Not my thing, it provides some distraction from routines, so I’ll be running it and Halloween nevertheless.

For the Lunar Festival, there are 3 new toys which allow you to make a chinese festival dragon with your friends, and four awesome wreaths as a holiday attire.


I’m not sure I’ll be farming them all, but at least I did one wreath :)

Raids and Mogging

I had some free time to drive all my classes through Antorus. I’m glad to report that mogging slots get gradually covered. This is just awesome how every next earned item means less runs and less bosses every next week.

And lo! I’ve collected the missing two items for my priest:


This means that all my cloth toons are now officially on standby mode! Their job in raids of Legion is done. Faari, Micromantica, Faerella and Aurinko are enjoying their well deserved rest from the hard campaign.

Myde, the new leveling mage, will still run Antorus when she gets there, but merely for ilvl sakes. I think I would drive her to 915-925, and this is gonna be it. I just want her to be on the same level as my other toons for pre-patch.

Long Term Achievements

Of course my cloth girls happen to have another goals to do. There’s Archaeology and Fishing acheievements to complete for Micromantica. There’s 20000 eyes to farm in Underbelly for Faerella (she has 8500 on her now).

Yet I devoted a pair of hours to farming goals already. 5000 Argus demons were slain, and 5000 saberon claws collected in Tanaan. The thing is that you don’t acquire them little by little, no. One great effort, and you close the achievement which would not loom over your head ever since.

Now I have a scarlet butt Pumbaa:



And of course, there is leveling of my four new Allied Races. I happen to push them forward equally: they are now at 37-39. If it were just one toon, it would already be mid-Draenor.

It’s dungeon queueing while questing, and it’s pretty fast if you are really into it. For example, Kalaari the Paladin, upon finishing a quest hub in the morning without dungeon runs, is up by 2 levels.

I’m totally enjoying the leveling pace and variety, along with mob scaling. An option to return to Loch Modan after Arathi is awesome. By 40th level, I will have another gorgeous choice of zones, and neither of my 4 toons will have to re-run the same zones on their way to the top. And at 60, they will split to Outland and Northrend!

My toons have just entered their new zones, and their leveling rolls as such:

Myde, 38: Duskwood – Redridge – Northern Stranglethorn, entered Southern Stranglethorn

Kalaari, 39: Wetlands – Arathi – Loch Modan, entered Eastern Plaguelands

Arkeona, 38: Hillsbrad – Arathi – Hinterlands, entered Western Plaguelands

Jammu, 37: Ashenvale – Desolace, entered Feralas


I presume there should be a couple of zones for each of my toons until 58-60, and they will be chosen due to character lore attunement:

Arkeona, as an assassin and a spyblade, will solve Western Plaguelands and most probably issues in Burning Steppes. Then she continues to Outland, craving to go to Terokkar and Nether.

Jammu will continue enjoying the wonders of Kalimdor and learning about Tauren druids. Her plan are the lush grounds of Feralas and Un’Goro, then she will go and see Taunka in Borean Tundra!

Kalaari will do the paladin cause in Eastern Plaguelands, then she travels to Blasted Lands and continue to Outland to see her draenei homeland.

Myde will explore the troll civilizations in Stranglethorn, then it’s most probably Swamp of Sorrows, followed by Northrend (most likely, Howling Fjord).

I’m having lots of fun at this point of expansion, and I foresee quite relaxed months of enjoyable gameplay :)

P.S.: the yak won’t pass under certain bridges :) You’ll need a detour.



It’s Mayday

The weekend of Labor Day was devoted to many-many things.




Micromantica went to visit Karazhan!

She had a pair of quests there: covering the bag-making for Tailoring, and getting a toy.

Bags are useless, because they are worse than Draenor’s, still I got this covered. Now I need to learn only the legendary craft recipe, and my Legion tailoring list will be complete – if not for 3-star ranks.

The toy is precious. It’s a cube which you can launch and watch every Legion cinematic – much like your Draenei/Troll historian for Draenor cinematics in your Garrison. It’s awesome that it pops on demand, you don’t have to go anywhere to relive the memories. The starting quest item drops from Chronomatic Anomaly in The Nighthold with great chance.

The dungeon itself went nice. I went with two different PuGs, and we’ve blasted through all the bosses. We even earned an extra achievement on our way. There was a pair of delays: of course I wanted to see the pictures from Medivh past! Even if I know his story well. And then I got lost a bit, because people ran forward. Still, the PuG was nice, and they even returned for me once. And there also was a strange thing when we got to figure out that spider web is actually a stair you could climb, so this time two of us were confused and lost: it was like a portal leads to a dead end.

Reputation Grind

On weekends I manage to clear the emissary lists on all toons, and with flights it’s a mere pleasure. My goal is Exalted with every faction, and I’m on a finishing line now. I’m not working on Legionfall now, because I want to get its rep through weekly plot quests.


  • Cyan is Revered
  • Blue is Honored
  • Green is Friendly

And I’m already starting to hit Exalted.

Hidden Appearances


Backston suddenly discovered that she could simply buy a raven crossbow hidden thing for her Marksmanship! All you need is just Revered with Farondis.

Mayluna hit Exalted with Dreamweavers, and bought a hidden appearance for Balance… although it apparently requires a second element which I will have to grind at Darkheart Thicket ever since.


Yeah, so I finally went for LFR after my big pause. Ran The Nighthold on a pair of toons – Backston got two tier pieces, woop! And I also went for Emerald Nightmare to grind the mogging – no luck. It’s not that I didn’t get any loot – I didn’t get the loot that I wanted.



Yeah, so Anibell quickly finished the Un’Goro questline for Maximillian of Northshire, and upon return to Dalaran she got a letter from him.

The questline is easy enough and pretty hilarious. Yet again it’s Don Quixote thing. Only this time he doesn’t mistake dinosaurs for dragons, but rather crabs and murlocs for demons.



It’s at least understandable, but then he mistakes a goblin in a Dalaran tavern for his dame, so she had to hide from him under mask. I felt sorry for him. So when he became my follower, he was immediately sent into Light Hope’s Asylum for Tragically Insane. No adventures for him.

Older Things

On one evening Micromantica soloed every Mythic dungeon in Draenor and got achievements. It’s very easy nowadays, and you just burn down that cannon on the train with your normal dps. Mark you, I found the lack of content a bit discouraging, but I liked Draenor very much. It’s nice to get back.

It’s time to do heroic runs now and get the achievements.

Yes, it’s most probably my favorite dungeon.






The Shower of Big Deals

These days it was raining with the long-term goals coming to an end. Here’s what happened one after another:

1. Suramar Portals 


I knew I must open all of them, and this last gap was bothering me. But I never thought I would find this last portal unexpected. I just came across it on my way to daily quest.


2. Upgrading All Followers


It just came to an end for Micromantica after persistent work. All her followers are now of rare quality and 850 ilvl.

Once I have that achievement, I don’t feel like I’m gonna do the same for other toons. I just need an ultimate team of 5 coolest and most favorite followers in every order hall. Once the team covers all the threats, the rest go to barracks and stay there.

3. My First Legendary Epic Item!

Gardell, my Blood Elf Paladin girl, was the first among my toons to lay her hands on an epic item of 895. She drew a plate belt from daily box in Val’sharah, quite unexpected. I’ve never craved any legendary things as they are a complete random, so why even bother? :) It was a very pleasant surprise, but I was not overexcited.

It’s nice how the belt changed its appearance when you change specs. It would add a holy book if you try to spec into healer. Anyways, I’m a retribution crusader, so it’s spec back and transmog.

4. Timewalking Horse

Lizgun the Hunter found herself at 4875 tokens saved since Spring, so she naturally went for one more dungeon to buy us a ghost horse for 5k. We ran The Nexus, it went smooth and fast, no delays, no deaths, just a fast run.

It was funny how after you kill the Ormorok elemental, you go through a tunnel and jump down to proceed to the last dragon boss. My pet naturally can’t jump, so it went all the way round and aggroed an extra pack we were supposed to miss. When I realized that was about to happen, I dismissed my pet, but it was too late and they ran after me, even if I was in another room from aggro radius and never came close to the mobs myself. Long story short, the mobs came to us, we kicked their asses in a pair of seconds (nothing bad happened), but party members posted in chat: Hunters are so Hunters… and laughed a lot.

Yeah, even if you’re a melee hunter (and I am), it won’t save you from hunter destiny.

Anyways, the horse is mine!

5. Side Effect of Campaigns: Artifact Appearance

Normally I stay with the first tier, it seems like the best for me. But this one:


It’s opened when you finish class order hall campaign, and I’ve wanted this keg staff ever since it was datamined in Spring or even earlier. OMG, and finally I have it! Not the funny dangling pints, but the KEG!

6. Class Order Hall Campaigns – Feat of Strength



The journey was exciting. I strongly enjoyed the storytelling, the lore, your strong bonds with your class. In warlock case, you cannot win the final battle until you remember about your rarely-to-never used, a very specific spell of temporarily banishing a demon. The other classes also find some use of their spellbook.

My favorite campaigns were Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Monk and Shaman.

I would highly recommend this content – for I find it the best thing in Legion yet.

Rogue Hexen was the last to complete her campaign

So, What’s Next?

My next goals are more or less in vein of the previous expansions: gaining ilvl and AP.

  • I want to run Emerald Nightmare LFR with all the toons at least once – and tank there with my two tanks.
  • I need to gain ilvl and AP for that.
  • I need to complete Suramar questline on Micromantica (14k/21k, come on!) and go for the next chapter.
  • I need to see the missed side questlines in every zone – especially Stormheim and Highmountain
  • I need to remember about my Professions at last, and do some thorough questing and leveling.

Well, the journey is far from over :)

Progressing Through Order Hall Campaigns

Note: All pics are clickable and open large in new windows

Mindebad: The Death Itself Has Come To Paladins

My current state is best described by the words ‘almost there’.

Like I said, my alt leveling is complete, my Explorer and Loremaster for the initial four zones are done for every alt, so I’ve deleted the character level, loremaster and explorer columns from my chart:


The only zone columns left now mean the corresponding dungeon – and Pillar of Creation. Completing one means a 800 ilvl item to your slot, beside the obvious quest, lore and a thing in your exhibition (yes, I’m a completionist).

Apart from obvious side goals of slowly digging up through ilvl, Artifact Weapon traits and Artifact knowledge, my main focus in the recent week has been Order Hall campaigns.

Once you start digging it for a character, it’s completed in no time. Each and every campaign shares not the plot, but an approach. The impeding milestones are:

  • delivering some mats, unique for every class. It maybe obliterum (1 piece), food, bandages, the worst being Blood of Sargeras which you can’t buy or trade, so you should save it in advance or wait for WQ to pop.
  • completing quests in several dungeons on normal difficulty. The quests take you to leveling dungeons, and also the ones which open at 110. That’s not hard at all, but it appeared to be one of the most impeding things for me. It’s just because you need to save an hour for dungeon run – the actual run time and the queue. And obviously you must be on this alt not to lose the queue.

A useful tip for alts: save you Pillar of Creation runs until they send you with Order Hall missions and profession missions to the dungeon.

  • completing a series of follower missions – I guess it’s two sets of 5 missions. It’s an easy thing to do, requires the lowest hall resources and the lowest follower ilvl/quality. Also the time for a mission is about 4 hours, so you could technically complete this step in one day.
  • completing 20 world quests. Scary as it may seem, it’s not that hard at all. Each quest normally takes barely 5 minutes, including travel time. It’s easily completed in one sit, although I prefered to wait a bit until the new ones pop with more important rewards and easier, less grindy conditions. Mind you, the first requirement was 30 world quests which was fixed in the latest patch.

The rest questing between these milestones is pure gold. Cutscenes, epicness, fighting Legion, huge amounts of lore and major characters involved – and every step completed in 10-15 minutes.

Mayluna: The ArchKitty

I would highly praise this part of Legion expansion. Class Order Hall campaigns are providing a solid lore background, interesting and very different plot twists and stories unique for every class (though they couldn’t help and blend the last step of Paladins and Priest campaigns into the same final quests). The only grind quest, if any at all in your class campaign, will take you 30 minutes at most. The campaigns are fun, engaging, deal with Legion itself rather than local problems, epic and provide a strong bond with your class.

I’d say it’s my favorite part of the expansion so far. A splendid diverse experience, and three more to witness. I’m happy!

So far I have three campaigns left to complete for the Feat of Strength:

  • Paitsu the Monk needs her nine world quests. I suppose there could be an extra quest to a 110-only dungeon, like Black Rook Hold or Maw of Souls.
  • Melaris the Demon Hunter is at her final step, requiring two more random dungeons (to kill 6 random bosses) to experience the final battle after.
  • Hexen the Rogue would be the last one I guess. I finally pulled out the plug of her Black Rook Hold quest yesterday, which appeared to be a milestone leading to 20 world quests/5 follower missions part. I thought she was somewhere closer to the end, oh well. Won’t take her long either.

So, Feat of Strength is coming this week. And I think it’s we who should grant Blizzard an achievement.

Schliztchen: Uniting The Four Elements