Lack of Content: Curing Weariness

Let’s face it: with my recent activities I have reached the point when I didn’t want even to login WoW for a while.

  • Professions: I have learned all recipes and even so for Melaris, my recently capped Death Knight
  • Questing: I’ve done everything Draenor could offer
  • Garrison Building and Reputation achievements: requires some severe grinding – not an option.
  • Raids: with all my toons at Blackrock Foundry, previous weeks I found myself frantically raiding all the same LFR cooldowns, few in a row for different toons – with lowest gear drop. That’s the thing that sucked all the blood and desire from my veins, like the most effective vampire. 

That was my big mistake.

There is no movement forward! When you run one and the same paths for zillionth time, and you even kill one and the same mob trash and bosses even few times a day, you expect some loot to drop. You should be granted for your efforts. When you have only crappy rune droppings instead of gear… And you literally don’t have anything else to do in game – well.

That’s it. Having my toons  between 645 and 655 ilvl, I take a step back. 

I found this carrot for me: it’s the epic ring quest.

Those stones and runes drop from EVERY boss, they’re random amount (it’s exciting), and they give you this feeling of moving forward, receiving some award for running raids.

That means my toons stepping back into ogre lands and into Highmaul for magic stones. And that means only Micromantica kicking Blackrock Foundry now (2/3 seals).

The trick is: you change your focus from wanting gear – and not getting it – to small but constant progress to the epic ring goal.

So, now gear drop DOESN’T matter this much. Frustration to be damped.

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