So… What of the Blade?

As we already know, our final showdown in Battle for Azeroth will culminate in defeating N'Zoth itself, probably putting an end to the Old Gods' corruption attempts once and for all. All the power we've accumulated, azerite and dragon perks, would be put to use in this final act. Yet defeating an Old God and … Continue reading So… What of the Blade?


Battle for Azeroth: Why Am I Enjoying the Expansion?

This post is an expansion of my yesterday's comments. I've mentioned that I'm experiencing a huge gap between my own feelings and what I am reading, watching and listening in WoW-related media from other players. Likewise in Draenor - while my WoD gameplay was rich, full of events and kept me busy from day one … Continue reading Battle for Azeroth: Why Am I Enjoying the Expansion?

Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Patch 7.2. is dropping on EU realms on Wednesday, which means that I'll be largely exploring Broken Shore on Wednesday evening after work. We have two days to go. Are you ready? I am not. My chart says it all. Artifact Weapons I am at least fine with artifact weapons. We were supposed to have … Continue reading Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

I've tried both. The post contains spoilers about Demon Hunter starting quest chain! Obviously all plans for a new toon are always ruined. I've scrolled through barbie faces of blood elves, their range of sophisticated, elegant standard haircuts... And it's not what I associate with a wild, mad Demon Hunter. At all. Kek. Meet Melaris! … Continue reading Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

How Gnomecore Visited PTR and What He Saw There

Yesterday Public Test Realms became available for everybody. We are able to test new spell and melee animations, new sets of skills and talents, wardrobe and invasion events. TL;DR: it was an awful experience. I've tried to start the game right after my installation process allowed to do it. The whole PTR weighs circa 35GB, and I've … Continue reading How Gnomecore Visited PTR and What He Saw There

Starcraft II – Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion

Spoiler Alert: this blog post contains an immense amount of spoilers for Stacraft II: Legacy of the Void. You have been warned! ======================== And so, yesterday in the middle of the night I have finished the Starcraft saga. This time it's arch enemy, cosmology, revelation, happy end and of course Protoss. The focus of this Starcraft II … Continue reading Starcraft II – Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion

About Class Changes in Legion

I'm playing 11 different classes/specs very actively, all 11 toons are at maximum level and were raiding throughout Draenor. So I kept my eyes peeled for all the class preview articles. I guess I don't have only priests among my toons. They didn't survive long, didn't like healing or their shadow thing which is a sort … Continue reading About Class Changes in Legion

A Piece of Guildchat About Legion

While I'm collecting my thoughts to write a big post about Legion and Blizzcon in general, I want to share a piece of guildchat. We were discussing Legion's upgrades, and it was hilarious. So, your Monday morning's piece of good mood starts here: - ...and they also said: you will feel Fishing like an adventure, you … Continue reading A Piece of Guildchat About Legion

Patch 6.2.3. – Like Nothing Happened… Again

What's new? New Timewalking Dungeons Since this feature was live, I think I ran only 2 old dungeons through Timewalking: Mana Tombs and Nexus. I didn't get why I need them at all. If you felt any nostalgy or wanted to do some achievements... you could solo them without any Timewalking. Now I'm exactly soloing Lich, … Continue reading Patch 6.2.3. – Like Nothing Happened… Again