Blackrock Foundry: Gnomecore’s Review

With Hellfire Citadel already breathing in our face, let's see what we were doing in raids for the latest months. I'm willing to talk about Blackrock Foundry. While Highmaul was very diverse and many forces collided there, Blackrock Foundry can boast its unity. Blackhand doesn't let you forget that it's his domain, shouting orders or at … Continue reading Blackrock Foundry: Gnomecore’s Review


Lack of Content: Curing Weariness

Let's face it: with my recent activities I have reached the point when I didn't want even to login WoW for a while. Professions: I have learned all recipes and even so for Melaris, my recently capped Death Knight Questing: I've done everything Draenor could offer Garrison Building and Reputation achievements: requires some severe grinding - not … Continue reading Lack of Content: Curing Weariness

Highmaul: Why So Serious?

There is an amusing fact. While World of Warcraft is all about epicness, there are some situations when you just put all this epic stuff aside and should just let the fun be. One of the best examples is Stormstout Brewery. Every single mob and boss you come across there makes you smile if not … Continue reading Highmaul: Why So Serious?