Progress: Channelling

I think I’ve discovered myself a new funny thing to do: Transmogrification.

Last week, I’ve completed the Firebat set for my hunter Salash:

Salash Mog

This week, with my Gladiator Warrior getting her few (ugly) items from LFRs, I polished Rottenshield’s looks.

I think it always starts with shoulders. You get one, and they look so badass that you just build up the set from top to heels.

This time was no exception. I got herself greenish shoulder plates from Salvage Yard and I thought how cool will it be to make her a real ROTTEN warrior who hails right away from Undercity’s sewers and meat labs.

So, the chosen theme was: ACID SEWER GREENS.


The shoulders obviously remind of the past before The Third War, when Rottenshield was still Human. They were obviously forged by blacksmiths of Lordaeron, but got rusty and green in the sewers of Undercity.

All the green plates, which she also dug out of Undercity’s armory, needed some extra element. And it’s brown leather straps and bandages all over the body and legs. They hold my Undead together, add this not-so-shiny bright feeling and also the vibe of mummified undead. Epic!


Well, it was a bit more complex with weapon and shield. The sword must have obviously be moderately long, with a long handle and of course knight-straight, not curved or monstrous. It wasn’t very hard to find one of the many knightly blades. I also enchanted it now with venomous green glow (unlike white/blue glow at screenshot).

The shield just had to be big enough and green. So the only option that I found has this troll jungle vibe. But it fits my Undead nevertheless, going well with leather bandage elements:


Except mogging, there are few things to boast.

  1. Melaris has finished Loremaster main quest chains for Draenor and grinds Highmaul for gear and dailies for Apexis (the Ring).
  2. Everyone else is gearing up in Blackrock Foundry – successfully.
  3. Micromantica completed the Dragon Soul raid for the first time!!! Was epic piece of lore. I loved it.
  4. I’m rounding up many Garrison building achievements. I did achievements and upgraded Lumber Mill Lv3, Gnomish/Goblin Engineering shack Lv3, now working on Stables and Fishing.
  5. My second ever time in Firelands raid, Ragnaros dropped me this:


I guess it’s pretty cool, cause raiding mounts are normally rare and desired by everyone. I’m not a maniac of collecting mounts, but I was happy to add this to my collection.


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