Patch 6.0.2.: Classes and Faces – Part 1

As Patch 6.0.2. hit European realms yesterday, like everybody else I was testing what happened to my beloved toons.

I didn’t rush at full speed to new content and decided to devote my first time in patch into 3 directions.

1. Testing class mechanics. I’m not a hardcore player, so the goal was not to grab a calculator and spend the evening counting damage and stats. I wanted to see if there will be any significant changes in my rotations and if I kill the normal creatures in the world as smoothly as before.

2. Testing new faces. There were significant changes, and they are not just improvements. The face expressions changed as well, so I must seriously decide about going to Barbershop/Plastic Surgery for some of my toons.

3. Dressing up my lowest ilvl toons – it requires only going to a cave near Throne of Thunder and purchasing the 522 items for gold (GOOD amount of gold, mark you).

So, here’s what we have.


All in all I’m very happy with the reduced number of skills. I’m not confused anymore, and have free space at panels. Also the rotations remained almost as they were, so I had no problem at all with getting used to fighting the new ways. I can’t say I miss any of the skills yet, not for any of my chars. The rotations for all classes became EASY, UNDERSTANDABLE AND ENJOYABLE, while completely keeping the feeling of unique spec. Blizzard – bless you! You’ve achieved this goal.

Rottenshield – Fury Warrior

Colossus Smash gone, as well as many disabling skills which I was confused to use (not very needed). 4 cool buttons for main rotation, Rush transfered for main panel and button 1 again, and few enjoyable AoE. Epic.

Salash – Marksmanship Hunter

I really feel like a sniper now, not like a twisted machine gun. I was afraid that long prepared shots would make the game feel slow, but it’s not. Epic. Btw, the wolf pet model remained the same – shame.

Mayluna – Balance Druid

Ooh, she was thrown right in the kettle. First quests for Isle of Thunder were pretty challenging, but she coped with it. The new automatically swaying balance bar – amazing! It really feels very intense and vivid now – the thing I lacked when I played Balance before patch. It really requires more brains to deal with the rotation, and it’s more interesting. Epic!

Microfury – Affliction Warlock

The main change is that they mixed up 3 channeling spells into one. And that’s gorgeous. Before it was just switching from one spell to another to get +some-percent-damage, and it was really confusing cause you hade to track the enemy health bar constantly, interrupt your channeling and start another one. Meh. Now it’s only one spell, and that’s cool. Epic.

to be continued…


By now, I like the new gnomes. They are so unusual and differ much, but all in all their new snouts fit the planned character.

Microfury is evil now. Good for warlock. Not sure yet if I keep it.
Micromantica is the cutest thing ever. Those green big eyes!

I changed Rottenshield. Before she looked quite neutral and good-hearted. The automatically given model has a mean and sly face, not for her. So I changed it to something more interesting.

It’s like she’s sinister. Not Rottenshield!
This one is more neutral, but it seems she uses real pencil on her brows :) At least she’s beautiful and neutral again.

to be continued…

I also started a pre-patch quest chain for Salash. It was “kill mobs” yet, for my taste not very interesting and they are really weaker than virmen. But we shall see if the end of questline will be epic.

But they have ROKHAN from Warcraft 3 as a quest-giver! So many memories :=)


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