Newbie Monk Tanking: Skyreach

A big thing happened yesterday: Oluu tanked her first dungeon in current content. Of course she tanked through her leveling before. But "current content" issue is important, because gear and abilities are tuned better, so it will give you the proper class feeling. You may one-shot and show the best DPS than DPS-players in most of leveling dungeons, or … Continue reading Newbie Monk Tanking: Skyreach


Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up

Amidst my dull grinding for Argent Tournament mounts, there were some interesting moments this weekend. Epic Rings Epic Rings are amazingly easy to catch up for alts. I'm getting an 8-10 Abrogator Stone mission every next day in my Shipyard. Plus there's an ogre selling some in Tanaan for Apexis crystals. Plus Garrison missions bring … Continue reading Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up

Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

SHIPYARD First Epic Naval questline complete! It's just a give-in quest, I'm a bit dissapointed. For the last - 5th - mission, I didn't plan anything, just upgraded all the right ships with all equipment, 92%. No unsinkable plates, no careful choosing to face experienced captains. Yes, you need a carrier which means 25 treasure … Continue reading Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire

Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

So, Patch 6.2. is coming tomorrow, and let us see if I come prepared for it. THE RINGS First and foremost it's my Epic Ring chain that got me busy. Today I have closed the weekly Blackrock cooldown, and here's what we have with our 900 Runes: -------------- ALLIANCE Microfury 885 Backston 803 Mayluna 759 Chitsuro 728 … Continue reading Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.