Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!

Blizzard is finally out of dead silence, and there begins a shower of news. Alpha access is ready to arrive during this week to check out the first Bastion zone leveling and corresponding dungeon. Torghast and 1-50 leveling is also coming in April. With that, players will naturally get an access to the updated classes … Continue reading Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!


Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview

A thourough research, alt+tab guides, was held yesterday and today. I've tried all the classes in the field during Army of the Light emissary quests and assaulted dummies in Pandaria hubs. Here's my report. First of all, healing will not be a thing of this article. The arsenal of healers did not experience too many … Continue reading Pre-Patch 8.0. Class Changes Overview

Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

My evening and morning were 90% devoted to the huge work of class changes. I have 15 toons needed to be ready for Legion (well, one of them is 61 yet). The bottom line is: Whoever tells you that damage sucks, spit him in the face. Tanaan mobs die in mere seconds with every class, while … Continue reading Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

Patch 6.0.2.: Classes and Faces – Part 1

As Patch 6.0.2. hit European realms yesterday, like everybody else I was testing what happened to my beloved toons. I didn't rush at full speed to new content and decided to devote my first time in patch into 3 directions. 1. Testing class mechanics. I'm not a hardcore player, so the goal was not to … Continue reading Patch 6.0.2.: Classes and Faces – Part 1