Race Change… Again

Any lull time always calls me to new experience. As long as I have all classes covered, it’s race change.

This time I’m doing de-Gnomification and reducing the number of my favorite Gnomes.

First reason is that I don’t have too many options for faces that I like, so when 4 of your toons have the same face, albeit different hairstyles, it calls for a change.

Second thing is that I haven’t been happy for a while with small race melee experience. I’m fine with my gnome monk Paitsu for now – the fantasy of dodging attacks as a Brewmaster fits perfectly with a gnome. I’m good with Hexen the Goblin Rogue: she’s sneaking perfectly, and I’m fond of her combat animations, besides, the race fits good with my most played specs, Subtlety and Assassination (not Outlaw though, but I never play it).

I was having trouble with Gnome melee toons – Warrior Bons and Death Knight Mindebad.

  • While they were moderately bearable in the field, they were awful in raid mishmash: easily lost under bosses legs, and bulks of other players, and spellwork.
  • Also, whether I liked the initial idea of a tiny bastion and a tiny killing machine, now I look back after a year of expansion and see it as a temporary thing.
  • And the last, but not the least is Blizzard merely failing to scale the weapons to Gnome/Goblin size. Even artifact weapons! I hated being limited with the small range of properly scaled weapons, so it’s the last straw.

Having tried and run several trial toons, I’ve determined new races for them.

I’ve always wanted to try a warrior night elf, but then I looked at the female face options and immediately remembered why I changed my druid to Tauren. No night elves! My warrior will become a female Draenei. I would choose the darkest skin color and tmog her brutally, spikes and all. I love her looks (everything looks good on a Draenei), I totally like the dynamics of a Dranei melee fighter, and – cherry-on-the-cake – Thunder Clap spell, hoof stomping the ground is precious! This toon waits for a race change yet, I had some trouble with payment, and Bons is locked for the moment :) Yet, this is my trial toon to get a general idea:


My death knight has a already become a human death knight, and here she is: Backston.


Yes, it’s Backston again, cause I have a history with this family name. The background is that she was my other toon, Julia Backston, who went to Northrend after Pandaria campaign, and mysteriously died in Icecrown fields. Luckily she was discovered and resurrected by Ebon Blade, and, as a warrior in her life, she got herself a full set of sharp blades and some extra training in ice and dark magics.

While Mindebad the Death Knight was clearly unstable, hysterical and disturbed thing, I’m role-playing Backston as a calm character. She’s not grim, she’s generally kept her persona as quite a good-hearted girl, although not much of a tender person she’s been in Mists.

Off to world questing with new toons now :)


One thought on “Race Change… Again

  1. confession: i love gnomes, but i have more humans than gnomes, humans just fit, they are normal looking, nice for transmog :-D


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