Class Changes in BfA: Your Wishes?

There’s one more topic which is pretty vital, and this is class changes.

We already know that there’s gonna be tweaks to class rotations as several artifact perks would be blended into talents or baseline spells, we know that raid buffs will be back and stuff.

I’m not gonna discuss any raiding environment, partly because I’m an LFR seasoned player, and partly because many sites are focusing solely on endgame, hardcore calculations. I’ll be talking about open world.

So, the question is: are you currently happy with how your class feels itself in the open world via world quests and leveling? Are you happy with the pace that you fight the mobs? Do you feel squishy? Do you feel slow or underpowered? What would you like to change when you operate without groups and any backup? Would you remove certain abilities or add something? 

Here’s my list of required class fixes:

1. Fury Warriors and Enhancement Shaman are as squishy as an origami. For hell’s sake, they’re chain mail and plate armor toons! It merely must be fixed.

2. I hate global cooldowns. And some classes must have built-in haste bonus not to feel bored to the bone.

Notably it’s Rogues and Death Knights – there’s a haste threshold where I immediately become bored to the bone, waiting for global cooldowns. It has nothing to do with DPS – but it has everything with enjoying my gameplay.

3. Survival Hunters should tank, the fantasy of sharing blood & sweat with your pet should be maxed here.

4. Beast Mastery Hunters are ridiculous today, because out of 4-5 major abnilities there is only ONE shot. The other abilities are YELLING. So you yell at a boss, and it dies. Silly huh?

5. I hate Shadow Priest insanity system. Activating the void form feels like a waste of power in the field, but without it you’re picking on mobs forever. One option is increasing the power of major spells while making the insanity less nuking: that way it’s still gonna be useful in raid environment, but you won’t feel like you’re a baby in the field without it.

Also empowered Void Form should be the only option when my priest is violet/blue – when dealing insane damage. I never liked the void looks, and it was actually one of my reasons that I didn’t play a priest for a long time.

Also need AoE – have you tried picking one-shot dozens of mobs in older content one by one? Takes forever.

6. Discipline Priests are surely inventive, but very exhausting in group content. I like that I can heal myself in the field while dealing damage, but juggling healing and damaging in raids requires some insane concentration.

7. The Legion Warlock revamp requires applying the long-casted Unstable Afflictions in numbers. Remove the need to apply multiple Unstable Afflictions for Affliction Warlocks. I was fine at WoD!

8. Demonology Warlock fantasy of calling many demons by your side is fine… But you don’t see a single demon, because they are small, they have bleak and dark models, and they all hang out by your foes rather than you. So you don’t feel like leading a demon army. You feel like you press a button and nothing happens, the foe healthbar just drops by itself. Solution: make the demons brighter, and at least put the imps by your side!

9. Add more damage options to healing specs, leveling and world questing is super slow. They lack AoE at large, so there’s no way out in aggroing many mobs and self healing in the process – as you are picking them one by one! And 3-4 damage buttons are not enough: it’s simply boring to level with them.

10. Add a bit of damage to tank specs (except paladin, paladin feels awesome): we’re supposed to AoE mobs, but when you need to take them out one by one, it takes forever, exhausting you.

11. Make the open world rotations for all class of 5 buttons (saves, cooldowns, interrupts etc. not included) – some specs lack buttons for this ideal number, but some have too many. Work out synergy between these 5 major abilities to make the specs interesting to play and put a gap between a newbie and a seasoned class player.

12. Finally make players choose assigning pets of pet classes behind your left hand or right hand :) I don’t know about others, but I hate when someone hangs by my left hand – both IRL and in game. This is not a minor thing, because that’s my reason of dislike of pet classes. And opting for specs/talents which allow to dismiss a pet.

That’s quite a list :) What’s yours?

P.S. And I also want a healing mage spec :) It’s the easiest to implement among all other new spec ideas, and I’m talking Time-Walking. Bronze dragons teach mages to alter the course of time, so imagines the yellow-colored time magic! Clocks and clockwork effects, and sands of time, and everything. The range of spell options is really stunning here.


6 thoughts on “Class Changes in BfA: Your Wishes?

  1. Points 1,2,3,4,6,9, 10, and 12 are personal to me, and I agree with you.

    I get that Fury Warriors are supposed to be berserkers and take a little more damage, but what happens right now is A TON of damage. And Enh Shamans should be tankier (I dream of a shaman tank spec with Earth and rock powers).

    I love the idea behind survival hunters, but they need something more. They are in melee range, and should be able to have more survivability. As for Beast Masters, I wish that Hati wasnt a thing and we could just gain the ability to use two of our own pets. We have no control over him, he disappears sometimes, and Blizzard never really fixed his damage. Beast Masters should have abilities like shooting a marking shot and it would make one of their flying pets appear and attack the target from the air. Abilities that would make special types of shots interact with our special bond with our pets. Instead, we get a few of these things but only on Honor Talents :/

    Regarding Disc Priests, its crazy fun but it can get insane and exhausting. We should get some more AoE ways to spread atonement, and it should last longer. Its a bit too short to be helpful in group content.

    Healing specs need a damage boost. We dont have many attacks, but the ones we have should at least do more damage while we quest.

    Some tank specs could use a tiny boost to AoEs. My Blood DK takes so much time to kill things sometimes..

    As for the pet side, left or right, it should really be an option. And it should have been implemented with Hati, so we could choose which pet to keep on each side.

    That list has a lot of good ideas, the other points I didnt refer was only because they are about specs I dont play yet. And that mage healer idea sounds fun. I would love (I know how unpractical this would be, but let me dream xD) if they had a special ability on a huge cooldown where they could really revert time. Like, the team had just died, and the mage healer uses that, and they return to their last 10 seconds of life. Hell, you should write a post just on your spec idea :D

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  2. My only concern is an absence of conventional AoE for shadow priests. (Also, the death from Surrender to Madness is not as horrible as advertised, but that’s cosmetic.)

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  3. Those Shadow comments. So much this. Do you know how frustrating it is to be out World questing with your Resto Shaman wife, while she is wearing her healing gear in a DPS spec, firing off our slow missile, watching it slowly arc towards a mob, while she just drops Earthquake, and everything dies. Then seeing our AoE hit. Having to DoT up multiple creatures in order for Mind Flay to become Mind Sear, and things are dead faster than you can cast? The spec may be well tuned, exciting, and complex to play in a Mythic raid. But for World Questing, for doing just Heroic Dungeons, or LFR, it sucks balls.

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  4. If Blizz was hiring, you’d have a job!
    I think that the rules should be “more different” between out in the world play vs dungeon/raid life. So, yeah, in the world healers should be stronger in their killing power.
    I am also jealous of the perks given by our artifact weapon and don’t want to lose, for example, the ability to move while casting tranquility.

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    • Easy come, easy go :) Some perks would be basic, some blended.

      And even if they go – one of the designers interviews gave a perfect comparison: trinket perks. My mage would surely miss the ability to insta-hurl a huge fireball and incinerate a pack of mobs, but I know I would replace this legendary ring with something else someday :)

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    • Some of the perks will remain, we are yet to find out exactly which.

      And Blizz is usually hiring, just check their careers section on their site. Most jobs are located in California or Ireland :p

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