Oulu: The Warrior Draenei

My race change is complete yesterday :) Bons the Gnome is tired of all the Valar’jar bullshit they fed her, and she pleads for retirement.


Bons is settled now in Kharanos village. She wants to meet the New Year in her motherland. She missed inhaling the fresh mountain air, washing her face in the snow in the mornings. She longs to rediscover the pleasures of sitting by a fireplace after walking on the snow crust in chilly weather.

She will rekindle her old acquaintances and friendships within dwarf and gnome communities, and she’ll be more than happy to protect the snowy valleys of Dun Morogh from troggs, ice trolls and wolves – definitely more peaceful and pleasant activity than cursed Argus crags.

Now meet Oulu – my brand new warrior!


Oulu is a fierce and impulsive fighter who came from alternate Draenor timeline to our Azeroth. She’s a seasoned warrior from Shadowmoon Valley, hardened in the battles against Botani expansion and skirmishes with the Iron Horde.

Oulu shares approach with the Rangari stalkers – preferring to clip the threat rather than avoid it, hide from it, run from it or negotiate with it. Although she’s not a Rangari herself, she’s recognized and praised among them as she participated in several of their raids and proved herself to be a fierce fighter.

She couldn’t live in peace with Draenor orcs, not after what they’ve done to the lands of Draenor, so she had some argument with Draenei exarchs at home and traveled to Ashran, then Stormwind to lend her battle axes to the Alliance service. Rumors are that our timeline would offer her lots of opportunities to fight the orcs and the Horde…

She came to Azeroth to seek not peace, but war, and now she’s ready to rush into Antorus with her new allies.


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