Artifact Power Management in 7.2.

Blue post:


So, it means:

  • In 7.2. you will have only one level of Paragon trait – the one at 35
  • All artifact traits 36-54 will be removed, and AP refunded
  • You open the new traits via quest chain
  • Then you invest your refunded AP into them

Guidelines on Artifact Power management before 7.2.

  • Feel free to upgrade up to 54 – you’ll be able to invest 36-54 AP in the new traits
  • Once at 54, invest into off-specs
  • Don’t save artifact tokens for 7.2.

In short, one of my fears is confirmed: Blizzard are already choking on artifact system and what to do with them throughout expansion. Frankly speaking, this 20-leveled “Paragon” trait looked like a temporary plug in the first place. But you never know where you go until you try. After all, artifacts are new to the game, and for the first try they’re designed so much better than WoD garrisons which required 3 iterations to become playable (order halls). I  wish I could see the end of where the artifacts are going, but I guess Blizzard don’t know that themselves yet.

My plan stays the same – leveling all played and non-played weapons to 35, then proceed with upgrading them further. I hope that further content (Broken Shore and Argus) will grant tokens with more significant amounts of artifact power – so it could be more sensible to drive from 35 to 54 AFTER Patch 7.2. drops. But it’s just my thoughts. If I’m having all the specs at 35 before patch, I will surely invest the tokens, not save them.


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