Class Order Hall Followers 7.2.

Weekend was totally devoted to acquiring new Class Order Hall followers for my toons, and I’ve seen them for every class. It was a fun journey!

So, here are the impressions. I would grade the questlines in three groups: Awww, Eh and Meh.

The questlines are very similar: first you are sent to class-specific zone of Azeroth, then every class goes to Broken Shore to solve a tactical task. You get a quest companion / briefing NPC almost immediately, so it’s easy to guess who will be your new follower.

Let’s start with “Meh”

“Meh” Follower Questlines

1/ Warlock: the new follower is Kanrethad Ebonlocke, the former leader of the warlock circle. First we cope with cultists in Azsuna, and then you go to Brokens Shore’s most eastern corner to stop some demon resurrection or whatever. The follower is the least interesting, the questline is dull, and it’s grind, grind, grind. It even involves a grinding fill-the-bar quest which I could do simultaneously with a world quest. You know what? I could have completed THREE of these world quests while I did this campaign fill-the-bar grind.

2/ Warrior: warriors get one of the significant faction figures: Darius Crowley for Alliance players or Eitrigg for Horde players. It’s the worst questline as you never guess what should you do… Yes, you return to Helheim because you need to save Valar’jar from Helya’s realm.

Vikings – are – boring. We are doing one and the same thing with vikings through questing in Stormheim, world quests, warrior order hall campaign, a dungeon, and then a raid. All this pathetic speech about halls of valor and helya. We are not that stupid, we got it the first time, thank you. Please just fucking stop it. I’m not excited by any vrykul stuff, it’s boring by itself, and with every new lore piece there are only more iterations of one and the same shit, throughout the whole expansion. Their story just doesn’t evolve anywhere. At Broken Shore you liberate Horde or Alliance warriors at naga enclave, and raise vrykul from the sea to crush Legion portals. In two words, it’s awful.

I never want to see a single vrykul in my life ever again. Apparently I will at least have to “prove my valor” for a millionth time to get a class mount, and I’m already crying at the perspective. Look, even the guy himself is bored. Get a life, man! Azeroth is a place full of wonders.


3/ Paladin: Your new follower is a no-name Nerus Moonfang, a Night Elf ghost. He sold the asses of his people to Legion, so we retrieve his relics in Val’sharah, and then we go to liberate the ghosts near the Broken Shore northern flight point. He didn’t seem any interesting to me, I don’t care if his redemption is successful, so the questline is just “Let it be”. To compensate, paladins may get a second follower: Maximillian of Northshire. Apparently I didn’t do his Un’Goro quests in my pally, so he wasn’t available for me yet. The guy is hilarious, so I definitely want to see the sequel of his story.

“Eh” Follower Questlines

4/ Mage: Aethas Sunreaver, the Horde leader in old Dalaran. He somehow rushes in the Order Hall and says: I’m with you now! Let’s forget how we helped Garrosh to try and destroy the world, and then you slaughtered us! My Micromantica is a close friend of Jaina, and she cannot greet Aethas with her hands open.

So, why couldn’t he at least be there from the very beginning of Legion invasion?

Anyways, we travel to Suramar and retrieve some what’s-its to strengthen Dalaran’s defense. A decent cause, and it wasn’t much boring.

Mages also get another follower: Alazakzaram, the trickster goblin in Dalaran who is also a mission table guy in our order hall. There’s a small and funny travel into his tophat:


I secretly hoped that our new follower could be Valtrois. Alas, did not happen.

5/ Rogue: Again it depends on the faction. You receive either Tess Greymane (Alliance follower), daughter of Genn and heir to the Gilneas throne or Lilian Voss (Horde follower), the famous Undead rogue you may know from Scholomance or Tirisfal Glades questline.

Your goal is diversion, so you travel to pirate enclave in Azsuna to steal some black powder, and then you go to Broken Shore to blow up a cave with some serious Legion leaders within.

I liked how the Broken Shore part was designed, but that pirate enclave is depressing, swarming with unnecessary mobs (flight and stealth doesn’t help much), and your briefing guy admiral Tethys is just an idiot. And not a hilarious idiot, but an annoying idiot type. This is why I’d say the Rogue experience is 50/50, so Eh.

6/ Shaman: one more questionable morale questline. You new follower is no less than Magatha Grimtotem who’s responsible for Cairne Bloodhoof’s treacherous death, and who attempted to claim Thunder Bluff to herself. In other words, Grimtotem tribe are evil Tauren. She rushes into our Order Hall, and guards won’t let her in. You go with her to Thousand Needles because Legion is an ultimate enemy, so we must help her. And then she tries to get some Pebble of Doom to herself – well, because she’s evil. We don’t let her, and we go to Broken Shore to stop the demons messing around with elements. Magatha accompanies us.

The whole questline seemed so unnatural. If we don’t trust her, why would we leave her to hang out in our Order Hall? And the Pebble of Doom was something not well explained or introduced, first it’s obtained as some loot like ‘old fingernail’, and then it’s an action button which nearly got me killed. I couldn’t care less. It’s very close to “Meh”, but it’s my favorite elements in action. And I also awarded bonus points for travel to Thousand Needles (could have been Deepholm or Firelands or Vashjir, so blessed be Blizzard).

7/ Hunter: Remember how you “bolstered our ranks” by “seeking out the withered” and suddenly there came a wandering elite rider from behind and killed you in seconds? This is Nighthuntress Syrenne, a new follower in Survival spec of hunters’ order hall.

First you find her injured riding manakitty in Crimson Thicket and cure it, then naturally you make friends with the rider herself. And you go together to Broken Shore to liberate many beasts from fel corruption. It’s a solid good questline, and in true hunter style. I felt affection to the follower, and I’m glad that shal’dorei joined us.

8/ Monk: Your follower is brewmaster Almai, a Pandaren girl. You return to Stormstout Brewery to save it from Legion invasion, and then a terrible treachery happens in your own order hall. It’s one of the two order halls that are attacked by Legion directly. When you clear the mess, you go to the central part of Broken Shore to prevent making poisonous fel alcohol.

You would never think, but the jovial monks tonight are engaged in one of the most grave questlines. There’s not a grain of fun in the questline, it’s very tragic and serious.

9/ Demon Hunter: the follower is Lady S’theno, the leader of your order hall naga. This lady just got bored of sitting on her tail in your order hall, so she wants some action. Trouble comes right to you: Mardum world and your own spaceship are suddenly attacked by Legion, so you fight with the demons right at your order hall and outside.


Then you go to Broken Shore, to Tomb of Sargeras grounds to retrieve few mats for repairing your order hall and recover the defenses. The questline is pretty boring, but I liked how Lady S’theno openly despises you, Illidan, your order hall, your illidari, and claims that she’s on her own. She doesn’t obey, she cooperates. She acts because she believes this is right, not because illidari stuff and home are awesome. My Melaris the Demon Hunter has exactly the same thoughts, so I think we could be friends.

“Awww” Follower Questlines

10/ Priest: your follower would be Aelthalyste, a Priest trainer from the Undercity. Not faction specific, because my priest is a Gnome. The questline is awesome. You go to Highmountain swamps in the north to investigate the infestation and help find a cure for Aelthalyste’s apprentice. During the quests you need to use a wide range of priest’s special abilities. Then you go to Broken Shore island to dispatch some plague devices.

The questline is very fun, inventive and awesome, although I was very surprised to find a banshee as a priest follower :)

11/ Death Knight: will be followed by Minerva Ravensorrow, an Undead Death Knight. The goal is to retrieve an item from Pit of Saron – so that you’d be able to rez some dead dragons to your cause. And then you naturally go to Stormheim where you could find the dead dragons graveyard :) You rez some, and then there’s an ice breath bombardment as a climax rather than you common boss fight.


Minerva, despite being a Death Knight and an Undead, is a very cheerful person. I laughed so hard at her speeches and a comical voice :) So I was just glad she joined me :)


12/ Druid: the last, but not the least is Thisalee Crow. Druid of the Purr, Thisalee is a hyperactive and fierce Night Elf teenager. We go to Hyjal to cope with demons at Aviana’s sanctuary. Then we learn that Goldrinn, the big white wolf, is in depression because Varian died! So the wolf just slumbers in Moonglade, and demons want to corrupt him, or tickle him to death – either way, we are on errand to wake him. We do, and the most awesome follower Thisalee joins us =^+^=.


Order Hall campaigns are cool and inventive. I like how they brought us to different corners of Azeroth, showed us that all the world is threated. I liked how Blizzard gave every class a new storyline, and eventually they all took part in striking Legion in Broken Shore: every class in his own area. So when you’ve seen all, you can see the whole picture how order halls work to defeat the Legion at every front.


Legion Invasions – Defender of Broken Isles

So, the invasions are here.

How Do Invasions Work?

  • There’s a big Legion portal sign on your Broken Isles map, so you see which zone to travel to.
  • The duration of one invasion is 6 hours
  • All daily quests (except for pet battles and maybe professions) will be gone during invasion, and replaced by invasion world quests.
  • You don’t earn Legionfall reputation for world quests – only for the zone you’re in.

There are two parts of an invasion which roughly take equal time to complete.

  • For the first part you pick any four invasion quests in the zone – just like you do dailies. Mostly they are fill-the-bar skirmishes with Legion forces, but there was a warden-type quest too.

Once you’re done, you could get your emissary chest from the current zone and pick up the next quest.

  • For the second part there is also a fill-the-bar quest, then you queue up for a scenario of three people. The scenario works like it was in Mists of Pandaria: your group is formed of three players regardless of class, role and spec, and you are to complete several goals (which is mostly killing demon things).

When the scenario is complete, you are transferred to the “capital” city of the zone , and you get your reward along with 1/4 progress towards Defender of Broken Isles.

Tip: Don’t forget to take a quest from Maiev in Broken Shore before doing your first invasion. This quest requires you to complete a single random invasion event, and it’s awards you with +1500 to Legionfall reputation while also being the next step to the Broken Shore lore achievement.

My experience

It took me around 35 minutes to complete the whole thing. Roughly 15-20 minutes are the world quests, and 15 minutes were spent on pre-scenario quest and scenario itself.

The quests are perfectly justified: there’s a Legion spaceship which floats above the zone and spawns portals, so we obviously must kill the demons.

The first invasion was in Val’sharah, and I liked how it was Cenarius himself who provided briefing, not your random nameless druids.

Jarod Shadowsong gives you the pre-scenario quest in Black Rook Hold: there is a Legion camp at the ramparts, so we must clear it up.

Tip: Don’t go on foot! You won’t find anything if you travel by yourself. Speak to NPC after you take a quest – he will deliver you at the spot.

During the scenario you go around Black Rook Hold to claim an old elven tower, and then you fly to the Legion ship. Frankly speaking, I’m sick of how we always transform into a sort of magic bubbles, all the teleporting stuff, so it was a relief to travel on hippogryph backs during the scenario.

Micromantica went in Frost Mage spec and joined forces with an Assassination Rogue and a Fury Warrior. The scenario’s mobs are tough enough, and require positioning, interrupts and all, your health will be dropping during fights, but you can cope with them. We didn’t die, and we weren’t lost.

The whole experience was very enjoyable, but I’m not sure when the invasions would grow old. For the first week they are surely extremely fun.

The amount of rewards for completing the whole thing was overwhelming. I have disenchanted at least 4 items of 855-860, used at least 4 AP tokens, got many shards and order hall resources. Totally worth it for half an hour of gameplay.

I can’t find any drawbacks in invasion events. Can’t see how they could’ve made them better.

They’re cool :)

A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

It was quite a weekend!

Artifact Questing

It was the highlight of the weekend. I drove all my alts to acquire the knowledge level of 26, place orders, and run some quests for unlocking new traits. I ran them in a casual way: whenever I felt to. The important thing is not to get exhausted – the expansion launch days taught me a lot about overdose.

And yet: List-Artifact

If the weapon name is in bold, it means I did the quests and unlocked new traits for it. Of course I’m doing every weapon, but step by step.

Quests are shared among classes and are actually few:

Tanks: One Quest

  • Legion robs Bank of Dalaran for the heart of Highlord Kruul, and you investigate with Kor’vas the Illidari. It’s walk and talk in the city, then you transport to Hellfire Peninsula staircase and fight waves of mobs solo while Kor’vas holds a portal open. It’s a hard quest, and dying is not uncommon – imps scorch very hard, and you just lack magic defenses, self heals or dps power to kill the summoners fast. Still, you can kill some, die if you die and continue killing them after your resurrection.

Healers: One Quest

  • There’s a new wave of crazy ghosts from Black Rook premises upon Gilneans, so you are on errand to help them. Although it’s a healer quest, you are not healing or dispelling anything much. You heal 8 Gilneans in the beginning, and then you can switch to DPS or tank spec.

DPS: Five Quests

  • You investigate an undead mage case – who was corrupted by a succubus. First in Dalaran, then you work with a warlock champion for clues and portal to Azsuna.
  • You investigate a case of a necrolyte cult in Dalaran with a Blood Elf knight – his brother is corrupted. Underbelly, then you go to a cave in Broken Shore.
  • You are sent to Azshara zone in Kalimdor to investigate a case of a famous mage Xylem – apparently he read some bad tome, and it corrupted him.
  • You are sent to Highmountain to stop Blood Totem tauren who use fel magic to twist the creatures and prepare an assault on Thunder Totem.
  • You are sent to Jandvik, then to Stormheim to help Skovald’s daughter unite the Vrykul tribes.

And this is it. If you saw these quests, you didn’t miss any lore.

The common point is that major villains always escape: we will deal with them later.

Few shots:

Mindebad the Death Knight and Her Unholy (Least Played) Weapon


Anibell the Paladin and Her Majestic Shield


Schlitzchen the Shaman and She Sometimes Forgets How to Hold her Claw


Paitsu the Monk and They Seem to Have Spoiled Her Beer with Arcane Energies



…or, more important, Legionfall reputation.


Micromantica is actually digging reputation – and in a casual way. She doesn’t farm anything, thank gods. I just grab every world quest available – and the batch of four actually takes 15-20 minutes. So, in the first week of this casual gameplay, I will be already Honored. And I barely had one order hall mission for rep tokens.

What Blizzard says: this step for flights is gonna take us 2-3 weeks.

My alts don’t run Broken Shore quests – I just don’t see any reason now. Other reputations for toons are somewhat frozen in a stalemate a bit over Honored/Revered borderline. I would casually take a toon and run an emissary now and then. We’ll be there.

Useless Stuff

Nether Shards – I don’t count them. Eventually I would buy some toys, but armor tokens are about the mogs that I already have, so I better upgrade through raids.

Obliterum – all the same. Micromantica boosted a 835 item to 880, and it’s the highest ilvl item I have except legendaries. But its appearance doesn’t change like it was with upgraded weapons in Draenor, so I just go: meh. Doesn’t worth bothering.

In other words, it’s nice to have options to raise your ilvl, it’s just I’m not too hungry for ilvl, and so I won’t use them.

Professions and Darkmoon Faire

It’s an amusing routine actually. I gathered some mats throughout a month and didn’t spend them. And Darkmoon Faire is a perfect time to check your state of skills: revise the collected mats and craft a lot of stuff to raise skill level along with the Darkmoon +5 quests.

Like I said, professions in Legion mean nothing to me. I only want to cap 800, do all the mogs, toys and mounts, and forget about professions until the next expansion.

I’ve ran the profession quests for every toon in Darkmoon Faire, and this time my Leatherworkers, the monk Paitsu and the hunter Lizgun, both dinged 800.

Which means that I was able to craft myself a moose!


I’m glad cause it’s finally a proper moose. Not some ghost one or streaked with magic tattoos. Just your common, hairy, smelling, alive moose :)

I’ve tried the potion of night or whatever it’s called. It’s too cool to be true, and I love it. I need to buy more of this. No screenshots of it yet (the picture above is actual Highmountain nighttime).

Heads Turn!

The coolest thing in 7.2. is that your head turns after your target’s face now. Now it’s not like you’re talking to a person and ignore him completely: your toon will look at his/her face.

The most benefits here are for Gnomes and Goblins! They actually raise their chins if they’re talking to taller NPC or players. The days of speaking to kneel caps and belt buckles are over!

See Hexen looking up at Skovald’s daughter:


– I mean, c’mon, girl! Take it easy!

Taller races like Elves, Tauren and Draenei would tilt their heads down to talk to shorter races.

And you actually pay attention to your enemies now, not looking in the horizon while cutting off limbs.


Dungeons and Raids

Suramar dungeons and Karazhan wait for me to explore. Didn’t touch them yet, but it’s in week’s plans of course. I want to see them – and then it’s just single runs for quests. They won’t be included in my dungeon routine – because I don’t have any dungeon routine and never will.

Didn’t have time to continue my raid runs yet – I think I’m gonna do them when I’m done with weapon questing.

Waiting for invasions this week. I wonder how they would work – the most important thing here is schedule of course.

This is it for tonight :)

Exploring Broken Shore: Patch 7.2. – Day 2

I had a proper game session yesterday to explore all the new interesting things about 7.2. gameplay.


Alt Management

A pair of toons followed Micromantica’s footsteps yesterday. Aurinko the Shadow Priest went as far as doing scenario, opening flight points and doing the artifact quest to unlock further research. Lizgun the Hunter did the first scenario only.

All in all it’s imperative to devote some time to open at least artifact research for my toons. They give you artifact knowledge of 26, which boosts all the AP rewards x4, and further research starts ticking. So in the coming week I’m gonna complete the enter part for every alt.

Meanwhile Micromantica is dedicated to Broken Shore quests. As of Day 2 morning she did every WQ available, and is at 2160/6000 Friendly (maybe a bit more).

The coolest addition to Order Hall missions are Legionfall rep tokens: Aurinko got a mission with a 2-token award which means +500 Legionfall. Too bad they are not account bound, but it would be unfair for players with less toons. If my whole batch of 12 alts started sending their tokens for Micromantica, I’d be there Revered and Exalted much faster than the others.

Your bread and butter are submitting the new Legionfall resources into construction. It gives you 150 rep per submission, and also very nice rewards as a side dish: works like emissary chest. So emissary quests are basically built in here. Either way there’s not many options to collect resources other than WQ awards.

My region is actively building Mage Tower: in the morning it was 17% (while other buildings were 5% and 4%). I guess everyone wants the new weapons appearance, so obviously this is done to unlock weapon trials. I admit the new looks are pretty cool, and I’m craving for the Frost Mage weapon appearance myself.


Dailies are quite easy and fun. Yet the brand new scaling is a disaster of course. Mobs are overwhelming, and tend to resurrect and attack you in numbers. It’s a disaster for my mage. If you can’t kill a mob quick, which is exactly what Blizzard intended and did, you must be kiting. And kiting in Broken Shore ends up in your death by aggroing more mobs – and respawned ones too.

I was dead and running at least for 5 times during Broken Shore world quests.

The yesterday’s rant and howl all over the WoW-related world wide web is totally justified. My verdict is: NO. I’m pissed off as the others. There were plenty of perfect points, and I agree with all of them. To scrape the surface:

  • I’ve earned my right to one-shot enemies in the open because I’ve been to harder challenges like raids and all – and it was never one-shots in most cases;
  • I should kill enemies of older WQ quickly because I’ve been struggling with them during leveling – and then during multiple returns for WQ;
  • WoW is gear-driven game, and I want my gear to matter otherwise it’s just cosmetic;
  • I don’t want to feel like a newcomer from Draenor in green items if I equip The Nighthold’s garments;
  • The intention to make me use a whole range of spells in my rotation must not include Conjure Food and eating it after every mob.
  • It is freaking unfair to classes. I predict my Demon Hunter, Shaman and Mage will suffer, and suffer a lot, while a tanking Warrior won’t even notice.

Their excuses are just hypocritic, and the real reason is by all means artificially prolonging the playtime. We already have the extra rep runs for faction mounts through the world quests that are tiresome, now let’s make them even more exhausting.

I hope Blizzard listens to the storm of unhappiness and either cancels or seriously nerfs the thing. Meanwhile I just dread to enter Broken Shore with my shaman, and my mage is having some very hard times. It’s like at the start of the expansion when Frost was undertuned, and I was crying and very exhausted with leveling.

I’ve yet to discover multiple things on Broken Shore like: how to get to that floating Legion ship? I’ve found a portal to it near the Illidari flight point, but it was not active for me.

I wonder what was the goblin archaeologist quest I completed. It was marked with a big, big ! on the world map – like it’s a very important plot thing. Yet it was a pleasant stroll, loot and stroll back for a AP item, and it wasn’t a world quest. I didn’t kill anything on the way, and no quests followed. What’s with the big ! sign?

Cathedral of Eternal Night

I joined the guildies for a heroic testing run and to complete Khadgar’s quest. It was pretty fast, the bosses have inventive but understandable mechanics.

The bad thing was that I was dying and dying. Mark you, our tank was good to keep the mobs from us, I was quick to avoid the things I should avoid, I didn’t stand in the fire and all. And I was far from the skirmishes because I was a mage. It’s just some trash abilities hit you because they must, and boom, I’m dead from unavoided stuff – basically one-shots.

My other guildies were dying sometimes too, but not as often – maybe due to armor type (plates and mails).

We wiped only at Mephistroph – but five times. In the middle of encounter he disappears in shadows, and Illidan starts to extract him from there in the middle of the room. Spectres of Mephistroph appear on the sides of the ground, so tank should protect Illidan’s channeling from their projectiles with Aegis, and DPS should kill the spectres.

Our tank tried to catch every projectile, and we were chaotically running and killing every spectre on sight, but somehow they managed to overwhelm us and interrupt Illidan’s cast.

Finally I’ve asked how the Aegis works (I didn’t hold it), and upon learning that it’s invincible, I’ve worked out a piece of tactics. The tank holds the Aegis and doesn’t turn it anywhere – it effectively covers 3/4 of the area, while we concentrate our efforts ONLY on spectres that appear at his unprotected butt, and kill them fast. Then channeling took Illidan very little time, and Mephistroph reappeared and died in seconds. The quest and achievements are ours!

Btw, I was pleased to hear Illidan’s and Maiev’s bickering during the dungeon. It was a sort of dialogues when the tension is at the verge of turning from hate peak to passion. It is obvious they will marry in the end of all – no kidding. But I guess we should defeat Legion first :)

Lore is cool here, so it was definitely worth a run. The rewards are 1000 rep for Khadgar’s quest, but loot was a 845 ring for me. I think it’s single runs on every toon, and I’m done with the dungeon – I don’t run any Mythics, they’re tiresome and boring.

Artifact Weapon Trait Quests

As far as I’ve read, your quests to open extra traits would repeat among classes – much like it was with acquiring artifact weapons. For example, same spots in Tirisfal Glades, Stormheim or Nexus were revisited by different specs and classes.

And yet these were the coolest lore experiences – I’ve even overdosed with lore in September. This time I won’t squeeze all the weapons in one day, no sir! One or two alts in a day is quite enough.

Micromantica ran the quests for all three weapons – they were awesome. Fire sends you to investigate a story of a mage girl who was corrupted by a succubus – first in Dalaran, and then to Azsuna. Frost sends you to find a knight’s corrupted brother – some sort of death cult. Arcane is about accompanying Skovald’s daughter which is claimed to unite Vrykul tribes – obviously happening in Stormheim.

It is interesting how every questline ends up in a cliffhanger: the villain escapes, and you will deal with him/her later. I presume it would happen during the weapon trials when we build the Mage Tower. For now, the Council of Six wants to reward you for your efforts, and they open new traits for you through a spectacular ritual:





Obviously you should do these quests asap after Broken Shore scenario.

I’ve invested in the first extra trait which is a flat 10% bonus to my DPS. There are 4 new traits opened (with an endless Paragon one), and there also appears a 4th level for the previous 3/3 traits.


So much to do!

But please cancel the mob scaling with ilvl :)

Broken Shore: Patch 7.2. Release Day

So, we’re here.

The schedule said that maintenance would last 4 a.m. – 12 p.m. – well, during the whole Legion it’s more generous to the players. I tried to login at 9 a.m. – and succeeded.

For a small hour before going to work Micromantica has succeeded in finishing the entrance scenario, opening all the three flight points and exploring the location.


Upon doing that, I am 450/6000 Friendly with Legionfall faction.

The renewed Pathfinder requirements are just four:

  • Pathfinder I – complete
  • Explore Broken Shore – complete
  • Fight the demon invasion WQ in 4 zones
  • Become Revered with Legionfall

This is a very short and easy list to do.

As I understand, the class mounts will be given to you independently. It has nothing to do with flight achievement, although I presume that campaign quests will grant you nice chunks of reputation. To get a class mount, you will need to complete the plot campaign which, like Suramar one, will be stretched over 11 weeks. So think of manasaber here which is a reward for completing the Suramar campaign. Although, unlike manasaber, the order hall mounts are unique and so you are encouraged to complete them for every class.

Broken Shore Scenario

It starts much like Broken Shore assault, then ends up with teleporting to and destroying flagship, and Dalaran breaches the gate of Tomb of Sargeras with arcane cannon.

It’s pretty flashy, but I wish there were more links to the Legion launch scenario.

I liked how nameless different class champions are your fighting force here. They prove to be really effective, and you feel like you’re just one of them which is cool. They are very capable of destroying demons even without your help: it’s not your average eternal clash of good and bad mobs who would fight forever if you don’t join the fight.

You are offered a small clash with Mephistroph as a final scenario boss: quest says “kill”, but you barely take 10k off his hitpoints, and he flees for no reason. We know he’s the new dungeon final boss, but his presence here was useless in the first place. He fought like a girl, he ran for it – I think we’d better get rid of some other demon captain, and kill him properly with some effort.

Broken Shore As a Quest Hub

I didn’t do any world quests here yet, I was hurrying to explore. All in all it reminds much of a Isle of Thunder. The same bleak, dark colors, the same mage base. I like it more than not. They also threw in some new demons – because felguards, imps and doomguards grew a bit old. Basically you’re fighting Felsoul Hold deck plus some fresh ones – and they also added fel nagas too.

Logistics are a mess. I’ve found two checkpoints which have something to do with my artifact weapon quest, and I couldn’t reach the third although it was within my hand’s reach – but on a cliff. Didn’t have too much time to fight all the way back there, so it’ll be left for the evening. I’ve opened both flight points though.

Of course my 12th alt would get to every point with her eyes closed: it’s just a question of experience. And yet I hate the slopes so much. Can’t wait to fly.

I need to see the WQs of course, but my first run showed that we lack some variety here. It’s demons, demons and demons. There’s no pinch of salt detected – remember how we had this saurok area at the Isle of Thunder?


Nethershards are plenty. I didn’t engage in a fight or quest yet, just occasional mobs on the way, and I got 375 shards. Tier tokens are your 400 shards, so you could buy them easily.

New garrison resources come as quest rewards only.

 Exalted Chests

If you happen to be Exalted with previous Legion factions, you are encouraged to grind them again. Every 10k reputation over Exalted would grant you a chance to loot faction-specific mount from the chest: that means a total of six extra mounts.

I hate the random incorporated in this. Surely it’s the perfect motivation to keep WQs relevant, but imagine a dude who diligently grinds every emissary chest throughout the expansion and never gets it.

I’d say the drop chance here should be at least 25-30%. It’s a big work with six factions, and it has no guarantees, so please make it less tedious.

Transmog Collections

I’ve checked out the tier sets and was surprised to have only FOUR collected. What about Naxxramas I was grinding and running multiple times for achievements? What about Molten Core – hello, I’m Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords? What about Firelands? What about Pandaria – I was collecting the sets on PURPOSE there?

I don’t know if I could get PvP sets without PvP, but I’ll run the older raids for sure. This is a FUN and relaxing activity to me, and now it has a purpose.


All in all the Patch 7.2. is a new breath of air. It’s a plot advance, and it’s new opportunities for your gameplay. I don’t hate it, it looks nice and it’s new lore, but I’m growing tired of demons. And we also have Argus patch coming.

Like I said, my first priority will be Micromantica’s dailies in Broken Shore: I need that Revered reputation asap. The other toons would lazily complete emissaries and follow her steps if they have time.

Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Patch 7.2. is dropping on EU realms on Wednesday, which means that I’ll be largely exploring Broken Shore on Wednesday evening after work.

We have two days to go. Are you ready? I am not.


My chart says it all.

Artifact Weapons

I am at least fine with artifact weapons.

We were supposed to have at least 35 traits so we could do some quests, add a new trait options and boost our artifact knowledge. That I do. Most of the weapons are 35 or even more. Mayluna lacks a bit behind having four druid weapons, but it can be cured of course.

I’m not in the artifact power race, and I’ve never been. This part of the chart serves not as urge to hurry, it’s just a reminder of where should I put the next tokens I earn. We’ll be there. Or not – I don’t really care if I gain all 54? 86? 421207 traits? during the expansion.


Yes, it’s Revered borderline. I’m entering the new patch being “revered blue” – with a goal of “violet exalted”. I’m diligently running every emissary quest – in fact, every toon has his emissary list empty by the end of the day. It is – it was – a reputation marathon.

Once the Patch 7.2. drops, I’ll return to the previous pattern. Legionfall will be the first priority, and I will be doing the other emissaries very chaotically. Not necessarily I’ll be running every toon for emissaries – in fact, only if I have time to do so. I’m entering “we’ll be there” state with reputations. The important thing before patch was driving every toon to Revered – then you think of 21k as the last leg.

The Nighthold

Finally, the last mysterious part of my chart (1,2,3,4) means The Nighthold wings. This much I’m able to perform during the week – throw in a pair of “+” on Monday evenings.

One full run per toon gets me several pieces of loot. We’re so far from completing this raid. By completion I mean collecting the tier set pieces – average ilvl is between 850-865, so I meet the requirements for the next group content by all means. At best my toons have one or two set pieces, and it’s runs, runs and runs coming.

The sad thing is that Blizzard will likely drop the next raid in April, so we’ll have to collect the next set.

I don’t know where they are hurrying. They are over the top again. We’ve complained about the lack of content – here we go, we have a new raid every 2-3 months, and we just don’t have time to digest the previous one. Come on: LFR Gul’dan was available only 3 weeks before the next Patch. I’m not voting the 12-month raids, but this pace just doesn’t let us to get busy with smaller things, save the main course.  I think the Patch 7.2. should have dropped at least at the end of April, giving us some time. Even if I played only one toon, three attempts at the last boss could be too little to get a tier piece.

Shall we expect Argus in June, then new expansion announced in August and out by Blizzcon?  It seems ridiculous, but too likely. One more hilarious thought: it now seems that Blizzard hates Legion expansion so much that they want to get rid of all patches as soon as they can.


Patch 7.2. Release Date

Date Announced: Oh Sh**t

It is done: we return to Broken Shore on March 29 – the next week.

It’s too early, definitely too early. Reputations are long from completion, and I’ve barely run The Nighthold once or twice with my toons save collecting class sets.

The waves of content are not your soothing beach type, they are effing tsunami which overwhelms me.

I’m not happy with the schedule. Blizzard are crazy.


Cinematic is nice, but it sets so many questions!

First of all, I like the classes council – I think it looks very much like homage to LotR council at Elrond’s. I like how representatives of Order Halls are there.

The most interesting moment here is Kil’Jaeden. It is very intriguing as he sees the corrupted Argus as… a sacrifice. And he even has a sort of clash with Sargeras himself!

So, the highest rank demon is suddenly not that loyal? He’s not just your evil Satan type which only wants to spill blood and burn? Could he turn good when we defeat him?

His heel-to-face turn would be the most mind-blowing twist ever. Archimonde ended his days as an evil merciless sorcerer, all devout to Legion cause, using his last drop of strength to send Gul’dan to Azeroth for Legion to prevail.

But could man’ari eredar renounce Legion and… join us for the greater cause of restoring Argus?

Isn’t it all very, very interesting!