Legendary Shower

It was possibly the most productive weekend considering goddamn random we all love.

I have got FOUR legendary items during my playing sessions.

One came from Dreamweaver chest (a ring for Mage), one came from Kirin Tor chest (wrists for Rogue).

And probably it was the Hour of the Bear yesterday.

Ursoc dropped one after another:

  1. Legendary pants for my warlock
  2. Legendary wrists for my death knight
  3. Hidden appearance for my hunter.


Mage’s Dreamweaver chest was remarkable in several ways.

First, it’s a legendary thing which is cool (and now I must hurry to upgrade my order hall to wear both legendary rings).

Second… it’s Sephuz!!! It’s the most memetic legendary item, so I was bound to have at least one. I mean, the whole expansion was in vain without Sephuz. I’m so glad I have it now!

Third, Dreamweavers were the last faction for Micromantica to reach Exalted. Technically, I’ve also killed one more elite to make me Warden Exalted, but Dreamweavers lacked this 1500 rep. Broken Isles reputations now nailed for one toon. I’m not sure if I will play perfectionist’s every-toon-exalted, or just do the profession specific factions for other alts. Anyways, it’s not just a grind, it’s money, AP, resources, gear and what not. So I don’t feel it like a waste of time.


We’re deep into Suramar campaign, and gaining reputation in huge scales.


Not very much is left till 20k rep where I can do the last chapter – A Change of Seasons. Once you sit with your alt and play for at least 30 minutes, you’ve progressed for a 1000 – and with very enjoyable awards. So, the Suramar project will take only 2 weeks more.

The chart also is about a progress of my artifact weapons. Like planned, I’m leveling my main DPS ones to 35, then I switch to the others to make them 35 as well. And then I’ll proceed upgrading my main weapons. That’s the plan.


I’m just widely enjoying the looks of all traits covered.


3 thoughts on “Legendary Shower

  1. Grats on all those shinies, especially the Hidden appearance for Lizgun’s Talonclaw!

    Re: the Xavius picture in your Tweet stream — dang, that is NOT how nails for shoes are supposed to go into hooves! Ow! No wonder Xavius has Nightmares!


    • Thank you, ‘shinies’ is the term I’m gonna use from now on :) Actually I’m more excited by the fact of owning them rather than actual profit.

      Xavius comes without nails in material world (Val’sharah and Darkheart) – so it can’t be the remains of Sargeras’ torture during War of the Ancients which warped him into a satyr. So the nails must come from Emerald Nightmare – and here’s the question: what did the Old Gods do to him?


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