All I Wish For Winter’s Veil

Micromantica the Frost Mage

micromanticaAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to return to Kharanos and spend the quiet evening among my tavern buddies there. Well, at least quiet until the end of the second bottle. Then we’ll be chasing yeti and perform a naked breasts gig at New Tinkertown gates like we always do. Omg, I really need to settle down and get married after Draenor capaign is over. Capmaign. Campaing.

Microfury the Affliction Warlock
microfuryAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to return to Kharanos and secretly add the zangari mushroom powder into the drinks of the company mentioned above. They always blame the liquors! I wonder if they ever came up with this naked breast show idea without mushroom powders, but I have to admit it’s fun. FYI, I always join the gig myself. Unleash your demons!

Backston the Arms Fury Warrior
backstonAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to never touch the zweihanders again. Also it will be good if someone thought of sending me a kit of really good cosmetics & perfume. Becoming a blonde is not just about haircolor but lifestyle too. A good juicy tiger steak seems the right meal tonight. Do princesses eat that? Cause I definitely gonna eat that.

Mayluna the Balance Druid
maylunaAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to go to Teldrassil and sleep all days long. Then I wake up, then I walk around the lakes a bit and enjoy the peace and silence, then I drink some milk and sleep again. May the stars shine upon you whatever you want to do on Winter’s Veil. It’s pillow and me talking.

Chitsuro the Windwalker Monk
chitsuroAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to see the guys at Halfhill! We’ll have a great party, eat a whole pumpkin raw with dipsauce, and then we accidentally Stormstout Brewery and accidentally can’t stand well on our feet and then deliberately from Chen Stormstout as fast as our legs could carry us. Sounds like a plan!

Salash the Marksmanship Hunter
salashAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is that someone could build a dozen of barns around my Garrison and fill it with captured animals. Because my traps don’t work. Instead of having party with the others I’m going to sit on the porch and try to fix the trap, but there’s little chance it will work out.

Ilmari the Retribution Paladin
ilmariAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to avoid the drunk jokes whether I’m a man or a woman, so it probably means that I’m assigned to Silvermoon for holidays. Well, at least I’ll be among equals and remind myself that I was not always used to the brutal body stenches of my respected allies from the Horde.

Schlitzchen the Enhancement Shaman
schlitzchenAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to give Thrall a big hug and not get killed by Aggra. It’s only apprentice/tutor relations of two shamans! Do you think she will understand that? I’m still going to try. If I survive to see the day, it’s few happy days of doing nothing and tinkering small toys for small kids of the Horde. As a gift? Are you mad? I’ve just spent all my income for the Garrison. Oh, that also goes into my checklist: find and kill Gazlowe. Or at least tell him that he forgot about my discount *significantly taps the handles of warhammers*

Zindari the Assassination Rogue
zindariAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to go somewhere warm. Luckily there’s a cool jungle at Draenor where a troll can feel herself at home. Talking about Gorgrond, mon. I’m gonna rip the guts out of one of that weed hydras and make a nest there. Hope it will be enough to keep the florafauna (or faunaflora) of the jungle away. It’s a good place for trolls, that Gorgrond, it is.

Rottenshield the Fury Warrior
rottenshieldAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to find and crash the skull of the scum who stole all the furs from my Garrison’s Barn! The execution will be fast and awful. Then I will go to Orgrimmar and participate in all the hugging and chanting routine of Winter’s Veil. I love holidays and all the joy and smell of cookies and everyone having fun and being so kind to each other.


Klaari the Elemental Shaman
klaariAll I wish for Winter’s Veil is to grow up and travel through the world! But my tutor says I’m too young to travel beyond Ashenvale, so I think I just gonna hang around local villages a bit and see how it’s celebrated in the country.


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