Gorgrond: Swish-Swish, You’re Done

It seems that now I devote every weekend to push the merry company of my alt toons through yet another zone. Last weekend, they finished Frostfire and Shadowmoon. This weekend it was Gorgrond.


Nah, it was really quick. If you skip the extra quests of “kill 20 of this and 5 of that, and please go smash some eggs” (damn it, is there a DESCRIPTION for these quests that I could read?!), if you’re not fishing and/or walking around with your mouth gaping at the sights, all the Gorgrond takes you 30-40 minutes to complete (faster with every next char).

For diversity sakes, I’ve chosen different buildings for my outposts. There is a Gronn questline which you get for Gladiator’s Arena and a Botani questline – for Lumber Mill. Both have their pro and cons if you have to choose, but for leveling sakes you should of course pick up a lumber mill, because a bonus shredder with its extra tank hitpoints and powerful AoE cuts through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Botani Questline

I’m just shouting with an excitement for all its creepiness, and I wish there was a raid too where the zombie theme would be explored in full. It’s very interesting, and I feel that there’s so much potential that was uncovered yet, even at the Everbloom dungeon. There was such a rich red mushroom theme – guys, do it zerg-creepy, and it’s everyone’s favourite raid!


What I hate about Botani line is that all the lush jungle seems to leap at you – like every leaf and grass is hostile. So you find yourself aggroing LOADS of mobs even if you travel by roads. And these thickets are also very confusing – you just cannot figure out the location you’re at and where to go. What is extremely comforting it’s the beauty of the place, so it saves you here. And the climax with the dwarven fortress is a nice relief.


Gronn Questline

This one is so more related to the main story; you fight ogres as a preview for the first raid and you get rid of the real danger of enslaved gronns. Gronn wastes are not nice to look at, all rocks and dust, but you get a cool advantage of seeing an enemy waaaaaaay long before you even can hit him. There’s Rexxar! And there’s a nice perk of being a goren through some quests, this one is extremely cool feature.

– Wurr-wurr-wurr (my gilfriend always mimics and mocks at their sounds when she hears them from my laptop). Actually I hate these guys, I love their podlings’ counterpart.

There are two extra questlines you are obliged to complete too.

– Die laughing!

You love this one, don’t argue. It’s zombie/junkie theme that gives you chills. A very fast one too.

– These sabertooths are one of the most boring races in Draenor. Just bipedal cats with no culture, background story or style.

And you hate this one. A fairly spectacular show of a genesaur ghost at the end of the quest chain doesn’t help much for re-doing this grinding again and again. Also it’s a fairly tricky show to get there – for nothing. It lacks replayability by all means.

The general climax fight for the zone is the same and doesn’t depend whether you choose a Botani or a Gronn line. Even the Iron Horde orc leader is confused and says the same line about the gronn-line artifact keeper when there’s a genesaur attacking his ranks.

Big advice: if you don’t have your cool lumber mill shredder to provide atomic AoE, just stay away from the fight and use the artifact on CD until the last boss comes. 

So, finally you’re done here and can head to Ashran to get your new blueprint as a reward (for me, its always crafting shack lv 2).

– Gorgrond done, Gorgrond done!

Seriously, Gnomes’ new faces ARE beautiful. The trick is in the haircuts and haircolors.

Now it’s Chitsuro the Pandaren Monk and Zindari the Troll Rogue to finish with Gorgrond – an hour of gameplay.

Hordies Got Their First 100!


Yes, somewhere here in the cave of blade masters Schlitzchen hit 100 and went to build her level 3 garrison. It’s pretty epic! While Alliance Garrison even at Tier 3 is very calm and tranquil, the Horde Garrison is swarming with life. I like both.

Schedule For the Next Days

  • Finish Gorgrond for Chitsuro and Zindari so as to be done with it.
  • Finish Nagrand questline for Schlitzchen and lead her to heroic dungeons.
  • Drag Micromantica’s nasty ilvl 628 to 630 :) A good 630 ring will do the trick I think. Too bad I already have 3 crafted 640 on her, so it’s through dungeons only.
  • Well, slowly develop the others – through the hated Talador (because darn hills and darn multiple fortresses with tiresome grinding).

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