Invasions & Alt Planning

My Legion event goals are as follows: Raising ilvl to 700 or more - to help the toons do initial questing in Legion. This is easy, as each invasion lasts 10 minutes at most, and it gives two gear items. With 50 shards you can also buy trinkets, rings or cape. I don't hunt for weapons … Continue reading Invasions & Alt Planning


All I Wish For Winter’s Veil

Micromantica the Frost Mage All I wish for Winter's Veil is to return to Kharanos and spend the quiet evening among my tavern buddies there. Well, at least quiet until the end of the second bottle. Then we'll be chasing yeti and perform a naked breasts gig at New Tinkertown gates like we always do. Omg, I … Continue reading All I Wish For Winter’s Veil