Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

On weekend while looking for group for final LFR runs I also finished the complete Best Friends Tiller journey for all of my 10 chars. It was actually a fun ride, required plenty of cooking, not missing dailies and flying around the farmlands for dark soil blobs that grant you extra rep :=) Not the worst time-spending while waiting for raids. And daillies also granted me some warforged seals.

Let’s say farewell to the guys in person and see what they brought to your farm :=)

Gina Mudclaw

I liked Gina very much. She’s really busy at the market and seems to operate it very well. Gina is your favourite vendor selling useful things for farming, and when best friends, she gives you a really useful thing: your personal mailbox.


How do you earn her attitude: it’s a simple quest of collecting debts at Halfhill. Have you ever paid for any of the IOU-holders or you just freaked the sly guys out? I paid only for a tavern lady :=) Extra quest from Andy – get a golden flower from the hill, a nice and fast one.

Haohan Mudclaw

Father of the girls. He’s really bitching, and what he gives you is a mushan that doesn’t even feel like it belongs to your ranch.


Earning his attitude is also annoying – it’s a big fish tooth and omg the jumping on the marmots among insect clouds. Hate it!

Old Hillpaw

It’s the most depressive guy in all of Pandaria – I wonder why his hen farm is not swarmed by Sha. His bonus to your farm are chickens who constantly die when you AoE vermin at your farm.


Catching his best chickens for him is an annoying lottery, and also you are to get a blue pearl from the lake bottom.

Farmer Fung

Farmer Fung is a bitch. But a yak at your farm is really something that makes your ranch alive.


His quests are getting a hawk leg – hate it cause you never can aggro it properly from the hilltops, and watering the vegetable patches. The latter quest is fun and one of my favourites, but normally it’s raining cats and dogs when he gives you this task! WTF, Fung?

Jogu the Drunk

Is he eating FISH? Although a heavy drunkard, he’s positive. But you don’t want him in your pond, even for free fortune telling, so no bonus picture.

His quests are a merry stampede over the bad weeds and getting some fruits from your home to brew more alcohol (that’s when normally useless Bobo comes in use). Moderately annoying.

Chee Chee

This guy is obsessed with his sheep and he lives most close to hozen hill, so he suffers much. What he gives you is of course a sheep. I like his questline very much, as you chase his stupid pet 3 times and then disguise as a sheep yourself to kill a responsible hozen.

His quests are a memory-from-the-past (true hozen dish) and killing rogue hozens.


 Ella is the shy girl who grows huge rose turnips and constantly looks at the brewery. I hope that she will abandon her ranch and settle at the Stormstouts, because her ranch is very depressing. I like her very much, she’s shy and nice. She gives you a cat!


Her quests are burning the hozen ropes (annoying!) and getting her a hozen dish. Her thing is making a very good beer, and you gladly help her with this quest.

Fish Fellreed

The girl is funny, but I think she’s a bit crazy and sometimes feels very creepy. But I can live with that, as she’s obsessed with lore as I am! One of the most fun gifts – is hers, the merry pigs.


Her quests are lore-based: you get her a small yak statue and a hozen lore-book.


Sho is a quiet ninja who sends you to kill everyone – birds, virmen, hozen… She’s pretty grim and rough, but nice. And she gives you a beautiful orange tree.


Her quests are fun: kicking the candles and coals and killing a ritualist (you end up killing at least 5). Also from the same place you get a bowl of fish-apple soup. The most cool daily pack.

Tina Mudclaw

She’s all obsessed with shinies. So you loot all the virmen and hozen to scrape out her lost jewels. What she gives you is the most precious gift: the furniture that makes your farmhouse looking like a habitable place, not a junkpile.


As for quests, it’s getting more jewels from virmen and finding a precious stone. I like the virmen hub, so it’s cool.

Not actually the reputation guy, but one who grants you your most personal place in Azeroth, your farm, you summerhouse is farmer Yoon.


He is a high-ranked person now, and I speculate that he marries Tina from what they tell us in the quests. Frankly speaking that’s not a good match for him (I’d prefer Gina of course), but well…

October, 9 the reputation chart went as follows: 


November, 10 we are: 


As we see, we have to wait for Ella to come to the market once again and then my perfectionist’s 6/999 for everyone will be complete!

Whom of all Tillers did you like best and which dailies were most cool for you to do? 


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