Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

On weekend while looking for group for final LFR runs I also finished the complete Best Friends Tiller journey for all of my 10 chars. It was actually a fun ride, required plenty of cooking, not missing dailies and flying around the farmlands for dark soil blobs that grant you extra rep :=) Not the worst … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers


Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

We now say farewell to Pandaria, and as you probably liked the Sunsong Ranch and Halfhill like I did, I suggest to say goodbye to the Pandaren there in person. And here we're also recalling what we did for them and expressing your attitudes:=) The first post will be about your cooking guides - THE IRONPAWS For … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

Mending Your Farm, Or What Else You Don’t Know About Halfhill?

As Draenor comes closer and closer, Halfhill farm will most probably mean nothing for you in little less than a month. So, this hint maybe a bit late. But as I'm constantly busy with my alts' professions, I use farming daily now for mats, and that means like 35 days of planting and collecting crops. … Continue reading Mending Your Farm, Or What Else You Don’t Know About Halfhill?

Resources: Farming Through… Farming

In recent comments on the official website I often came across "Tired of Pandaria, gimme-gimme-gimme Draenor!". One of the points that bothers people much about current expansion is surprisingly - Halfhill farm.I must serve as a public defender here. First, developing the farm was very fun. I have 4 characters to reach Halfhill yet, and I … Continue reading Resources: Farming Through… Farming