Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

We now say farewell to Pandaria, and as you probably liked the Sunsong Ranch and Halfhill like I did, I suggest to say goodbye to the Pandaren there in person. And here we’re also recalling what we did for them and expressing your attitudes:=)

The first post will be about your cooking guides –


Yan Ironpaw – Master of the Steamer

For Yan, you were collecting 7 pickled cans at virmen cliff. That was a fun quest, I like the compact virmen party hub. A guy who provides you Spirit recipes – as no healer, not a fan of him. A grim guy too imo.

Mei Mei Ironpaw – Master of the Pot

She’s always so busy that she rarely turns your face at you. She sent you to brew a 20 pack of mushan tail stew. I liked that quest, as a hozen cook suddenly runs at you screaming like hell. Otherwise, no interference. She’s providing you with Intellect, so Micromantica, Mayluna and Microfury were good friends with her.

Kol Ironpaw – Master of the Grill

The guy who is all about STRENGTH! Thus he was very liked by Backston, Ilmari and Rottenshield. Besides, his quest to kill MANY goats was a holiday time for Salash and Chitsuro, as it means there will be plenty of hides to skin – and not only from those they killed. Remember how you aggroed a 15-goat pack along with few occasional mushan and roaming hozen? Doing this quest – I bet my tooth you had your cemetery run!

Jian Ironpaw – Master of the Oven

Jian was the girl whom you brought your first bird flesh, and she taught all the tanks how to bake good for Stamina. I’ve no tanks, and her daily quest is probably the most hated – TRUFFLES. Planting them was fun as you could invent some nice patterns, like crosses or circles, but collecting them… ugh. But the girl bakes everyone bread and puts it on the middle table.

Bobo Ironpaw – Master of the Still

That’s a devil-may-care guy. Never gives you a single bonus and never charges you with tasks. All about alcohol.

Anthea Ironpaw – Master of the Wok

She’s my favourite. She’s the most positive and nice girl I think. Agility – is why Schlitzchen, Chitsuro, Salash and Zindari were always coming for wok station. And she gave you the 4 easily-obtainable very hot pepper quest – easiest imo.

Next chapter – the 10 Tillers and what they did to your farm.



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