It’s Been a While…

I've looked at my recent blog posts and noticed that last one was on January 18. It may seem I'm not playing much lately, but it's not true. Nothing new is really happening in WoW, but I'm having my agenda, and here it is. 1. Argent Tournament - dailies! It's an amusing and friendly atmosphere, … Continue reading It’s Been a While…


First Month In Tanaan: Gnomification, Dailies and Raids

So, the first month of Tanaan and Patch 6.2. is almost over. Let's see where we are? TANAAN AND SHIPYARD 1. Still not a single Shipyard Tier 3. Treasure missions are very rare and very useless. I find it extremely stupid that my toon must send his/her ships again and again, until I have 25 completely useless … Continue reading First Month In Tanaan: Gnomification, Dailies and Raids

Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

On weekend while looking for group for final LFR runs I also finished the complete Best Friends Tiller journey for all of my 10 chars. It was actually a fun ride, required plenty of cooking, not missing dailies and flying around the farmlands for dark soil blobs that grant you extra rep :=) Not the worst … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

We now say farewell to Pandaria, and as you probably liked the Sunsong Ranch and Halfhill like I did, I suggest to say goodbye to the Pandaren there in person. And here we're also recalling what we did for them and expressing your attitudes:=) The first post will be about your cooking guides - THE IRONPAWS For … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!