Visions of N’Zoth Hidden Cinematics Speculation

*spoiler alert: the speculaton is based on the revealed cutscenes from Visions of N’Zoth, so beware before proceeding!


As we know, a couple of hidden cinematics were datamined last year for Visions of N’Zoth. They are of insane length too: 3+ and 6+ minutes. Now that we’ve got all the cutscenes, the number of options for cinematics is drastically reduced.

First of all, I don’t believe that either of them will address the upcoming Shadowlands. Truly so, we have unresolved Tyrande chasing Sylvanas – Maiev-style, we are vague about Sylvanas’ plans and whereabouts. But my best guess is that it’s a Chekhov’s Gun for now. Our transition to the Heaven/Hell world and announcement of the threat, whichever form this may take, is a subject of pre-patch / opening scenario events. And thus we will see that in a month before Shadowlands.

For now, it is gonna be the end of the current events. And I bet that it is gonna be epic AF, because all the secrecy deserves it.

So, what do I think?

One of the cinematics, despite the already revealed peace treaty discussion cutscenes by faction, is going to be the actual peace treaty meeting and discussion of defeat of the Old God. For all the secrecy, I think it’s gonna be a movie-like cinematic, beautiful, inspiring, heartbreaking – the idea is to focus on the leaders’ emotions as close as possible. I do not really expect anything insane happening, like Talanji, Tyrande, or Sylvanas’ assassins spoiling the moment, although this is not improbable.

The second one is more interesting. And I will return to my previous prediction: it will be the most epic thing we’ve ever experienced: the birth of the titan Azeroth. 

What makes me think this is happening? Actually several things:

N’Zoth’s actual defeat and Magni’s praise of the championTM have already been revealed in the cutscenes, short and epic. That is the raid ending, period. No more left to tell about Heart of Azeroth and the Old God.

The Old Gods are done with, their threat is gone (as proclaimed by Magni who knows better). She’s save to come out of her shell :)

By lore, there’s actually no better time to do that: it’s now when we most closely addressed the titan’s well-being, the Old God imminent threat… and for gods’ sake, it’s been a battle for Azeroth! Could you think there will be any better plot leading to giving birth to a titan? The one as logical?

The Sword problem has not been addressed, and well, if the titan’s wounds are indeed healed by our effort, the titan can simply hatch and leave the Sword be – as a reminder of the past events. It doesn’t have to be destroyed, Silithus doesn’t have to be recolored again.


Here’s my scenario of the events: Magni will summon us to the Heart Chamber, claiming that all the machines have gone crazy. And this is where the machinima, alike Sargeras’ defeat, will happen – an event of planetary proportions.

Azeroth will speak through the titan machines with us, thank us for all our efforts (“I was dreaming, but with one eye open and saw what you did”), appear outside of the planet in space, and fly to the Red Star in the skies to greet her kin. Bonus points if she claims Sargeras’ Sword for herself, purifying it and becoming a champion of Light against the Void Lords, but that’s not necessary. Anyways, until laters: your efforts are appreciated, and you will be summoned.


Titan gone, we are left to deal with our home and the breach to Shadowlands which will happen LATER. For now, we made peace, saved the planet and the titan, the battle for Azeroth is won in every sense. Hurray!

What do you think?


One thought on “Visions of N’Zoth Hidden Cinematics Speculation

  1. It’s an interesting theory – one I like quite a bit, actually. My fear with the state of BfA is that 8.3 marks an inflection point, where Blizzard can just excuse themselves from the expansion and start to pave the path to Shadowlands. They’ve talked about the sword being stabilized, an indicator they intend to leave it right where it is, and in that event, the nature of the Heart of Azeroth kind of doesn’t pay off – we repaired the heart chamber, repelled the Old God infestation of N’Zoth, and that’s it?

    I’d like there to be something more definitive to close BfA first, but my cynical side tells me those hopes are misplaced and given the choice, we’ll get the quick wrap up of BfA and events set into motion to move forward from it.

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