Patch 8.3.: Countdown

Visions of N’Zoth arrives tomorrow morning on EU realms, and with any luck I’ll be able to play a bit before leaving to office.

The patch is somehow unique among others, because it offers other activities to start with beside the major questline: namely, allied races and heritage armor. Several reasons why I come for them instead of following Magni’s directions:

  • I want my warrior blood elf -> vulpera asap to finalize my roster and forget about it.
  • The questlines are supposed to be small and quick, so I could easily manage to squeeze at least one of them into my morning playing window.
  • Finally, the major questline is gonna be a lot more crowded and bugged in the opening hours. Of course, evening on day 1 is also gonna be a mash of players, but many still will have run it by my return from work.

So, I’m planning my patch goals day 1 in this particular order:

  • Gain vulpera allied race access
  • Swap blood elf warrior for vulpera
  • Gain mechagnome allied race access
  • Gain goblin heritage armor
  • Do the whole major questline and experience visions/dailies/weeklies on my main
  • Roll a vulpera and a mechagnome for heritage armor sakes and put them aside
  • Purchase Shadowlands
  • Experience DK starting questline

And so comes the small list of preparations for tonight:

  • Park Schlitzchen at Orgrimmar embassy
  • Park Pins at Stormwind embassy
  • Park Micromantica in the Heart Chamber
  • Level my draenei a bit and have some quality sleep :)

It’s a huge day tomorrow, and this time it’s not gameplay that excites me most. I’ll let the new stuff enthrall me on the way – well, in the end of all it’ll be something to do for the good chunk of the year. I didn’t even read a lot about the new systems – I’ll experience them as they come. Also we’ll revisit well-known places and well-known enemies and allies, so the desire of exploration is quite bleak.

But Visions of N’Zoth tickle some other strings of my WoW soul. Of course, it’s the next lore advance, and I’m eager to learn every little piece. And – new characters, new toons. As always, it’ll be fun to play with and create some new personas, and this time they come in a shape of cutest races ever. Go small folk!


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