Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What’s in Your Bags?


Topic 21 for Z and Cinder’s Blog challenge is: What’s in your Warcraft bags?

On all of twelve alts my pattern is more or less the same. I will show an example – the almost perfect bag space, presented by my priest Aurinko (say “hi” to our guests).


Bag #1

Bag #1 would be backpack of course.


Here I put all the most important means of travel and buff items – everything that stays for long. Hearthstones, vrykul grappling hook, whistle – are travel options. Flasks and runes just stack here, I may or may not use them in LFR, anyways they’re piled here. Also artifact weapons.

Bag #2


Bag #2 is of course a hexweave bag. Here I pile consumables and everything that comes via quests and missions – everything of operation. It could be even cleaner. I need to sell those two bags at AH, sell to vendor this undergeared trinket, sell to vendor or send to my leatherworkers those claws. A quest item for Tomb of Sargeras awaits completion, and tokens of Darkmoon must be thrown away.

Anyways, items pile by themselves here during my activities, and I try to clean up after every activity: after I finished a raid run, did an emissary WQ streak or whatever.

Bag #3


Bag #3 serves as a prolongation of bag #2, so the upper space is clear. For the lower parts I’ve put treasure maps, and it’s also where I pile important things that I need to keep a quick track of: all spare legendary items (and gear to replace them), Sentinax beacons, first aid kits. Those goblin gliders are here by accident, they should be in the backpack.

Bag #4


Bag #4 for my toons is always a specialized profession bag, so all profession mats drop here by default. Aurinko is an engineer, so her box is very crammed.

Bag #5


Bag #5 is always a Pandaren fridge. The food stacks itself, and I’m eating little, so when there’s a sudden cooking rush, I sell away the whole stacks afterwards.


8 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What’s in Your Bags?

  1. It was an interesting challenge, some of my Alts have completely empty banks but packed reagent tabs and some have almost nothing at all yet my “guys” are truly set up (much like yours, ready-to-play).


  2. This is what I feel a Priest’s bags should look like, mine on the other hand look like my Priest has spent the last so many years picking up junk and clinging to it because it might come in useful even though it’s obsolete/was never useful in the first place.


  3. Waouw, your bags are soooo clean :) Every time I check posts of this blog challenge, I’m so impressed on how tidy everyone is… my bags are such a mess… I start to feel more and more embarassed by the minute *blushes*


  4. Keeping all three hearthstones (four if you have addtional one for the Garrison shipyard), your artifact weapons and stacks of food/flasks/runes just in case in your backpack is good thinking – afterall, these are the things that meant to be kept for as long as a the end of the addon at least.
    I keep all means of transportations that are not hearthstones in my second bag – Carabor necklace to get to BT entrance fast, Timeless island trinket, archaeology teleport in a random area (just for fun) – this kind of stuff. I also keep “key”-type items there – like the one that open a cage with optional boss in one of the Outlands dungeons, Hallow’s End costumes – Arthas, Edvin Van Cliff, Grommash, and items that are basically toys but can’t be added to the toy box yet (like a hat that makes everyone dance). The second bag is mostly “untouchable”.
    Third bag is for quest items and whatever loot I get (with an extension to the fourth). Loot to sell, quests to do – easy.
    And the last one is for crafting materials (any kind of them, not just for my professions). With new crafting system there is no need in keeping materials with you all the time, so I put them in my bank as soon as possible.
    The idea is to keep as many free space in bags No.3-5 as possible to gather all stuff (transmog & valuables) from instances & old raids.


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