Mostly Pictures

I guess there’s gonna be more screenshots than text today.

So, first of all, I did a new cool transmog for Bons :) The fantasy is a highwayman, because I got a bit tired of the knight in shining armor :)




Second, I’ve queued to EN and TN raids yesterday with a pair of leather toons. I got lucky with two transmog items I missed! More to go, but still.

The important thing is that when Paitsu entered Arcing Acqueducts, there was just one tank, and he quit immediately. So without any discussion she’s just took a keg and tanked throughout the whole wing! The scorpion was even pulled off by me alone. The anomaly got aid from another respecced dps, and we nailed it without a flaw. For Trilliax a proper tank came, but he wasn’t really needed there. It’s been a blast, and I performed the encounters perfectly.


I really need to tank every raid boss in current content. Not exactly a monk, I feel confident with every tank class except a Death Knight.


And yes, I did the race change!

There was no goodbye to Mayluna. Well, everything’s good with her: she will stay in Val’sharah to heal the wounds of Nightmare.

There comes a druid :)


I’ve immediately transmogged everything and artifact weapon too (scythe is too big).


She immediately went to the dream valleys and order hall.



Oh yes, choosing the name wasn’t so long and bad this time. She was christened as Helu, a roll on the common tauren letters. If the name were taken (short ones normally are), I had a pair of other names in stock :)


So, I have a Tauren druid now :) Casting feels nice and powerful, me likey. Oh, and she also picks the herbs in an instant which is a good bonus.


2 thoughts on “Mostly Pictures

  1. Uuuh, I do adore them pictures! :) What a nice suble set. Sometimes it´s just great to have a set for each type of mood we are in!
    Hm, I always wanted to give Taurens a go. They do appear powerful. But gosh, I can´t get over the new model look. Rosetinted goggles should come off sometime though, right… :)

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