Plans and Tomb of Sargeras Schedule

So, the Tomb of Sargeras raid schedule is up!


  • June 20 – Normal and Heroic
  • June 27 – Mythic and LFR Wing 1: Gates of Hell (Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjartan)
  • July 11 – LFR Wing 2: Wailing Halls (Mistress Sass’zine, Sisters of the Moon, Desolate Host)
  • July 25 – LFR Wing 3: Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of Vigilance, Avatar of Sargeras)
  • August 8 – LFR Wing 4: Deceiver’s Fall (Kil’Jaeden)

My personal thoughts:

  • Of course I am interested in Raid Finder only.
  • This means that I will see Kil’Jaeden in August. But I’m somehow not anticipating it with eager – like Archimonde or Gul’dan. I know all his story of course, but he somehow doesn’t feel like a guy we want to kill (although we need to). You really need to grow a big bad before you set him as a raid boss. Kil’Jaeden now feels… like a technical foe, like the Legion mobs in Broken Shore. He sits in the farthest corner in Tomb of Sargeras and does nothing. He’s not present as a nemesis in Broken Shore – well, at least he could comment something during invasions and questing. He’s not seen as a threat now.
  • This also means that I have almost a full month to clear up the Legionfall campaign for all toons, and get my class mounts
  • In a week every reputation for every toon will be Exalted, and I will enter a relaxed mode of four emissaries per day to earn the faction mounts (which is not tiresome at all and very fun)
  • Relaxed mode means that I will have time for Chromie scenarios and maybe earning invasion mogs
  • Other raid mogs as well, current and old

In other words, Summer is rolling out to be a major lull time despite the new raid. I would clear all the loose ends.

The next step of Legionfall campaign is completing 3 missions for Broken Shore in your Order Hall. It seems bugged, because I’ve completed an ordinary and and elite mission, and I’m still at 0/3. My best guess is that only elite missions count, and the ones you start AFTER taking the quest. As long as elite missions take 3 days for the followers to complete, it needs to be checked yet.

I see the light in the end of the tunnel :)


3 thoughts on “Plans and Tomb of Sargeras Schedule

  1. I believe that they are “legionfall” quests. So, the ones for resources on the Broken Isle or, perhaps, the rep token quests for the Armies.
    I’m with you in thinking that the Tomb won’t bring a major shift to play time, simply insert that instead of Nighthold. All else will mostly be the same except some odd bits like the Chromie scenario. In that, I feel pretty good as well in progressing sanely forward.


    • I’m really confused now about which quests count :) I mean, does it have to be Legionfall rep tokens? 25 Legionfall resources? 75 million AP tokens which is done during 3 days? Not a slightest idea until you try all.


  2. Hm, I´m actually feeling the same way. I was very hyped for killing Gul´Dan. Oh, it was awesome when Khadgar showed up and began yelling, everything about it. His voice too.

    I havent got that much time to play, so I will never be bored in WoW, ever, I think though.

    Looking forward to Chromie for sure!

    I noticed it too, the quests didnt count, and dont complete them on your Legion App, they wont count as “complete” then either! I think you are right, it has to be the Elite ones for sure.

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