RNG Wardrobe Shower


Yeah, so yesterday I had this old raid run for the mogging achievements on my mage.

Hooray, I was glad to get the lacking shoulders and belt from Mogu’Shan Vaults and Terrace. I even thought: what are the odds that the two lacking pieces drop?

Then I went to other raids: Tempest Keep, Karazhan, Ahn’Qiraj, Black Temple, Molten Core, Firelands…

I stopped smiling at the third one. I have finished SEVEN mogging sets and achievements yesterday. The lacking pieces just dropped raid after raid. See my achievement streak from twitter, all dropping within one hour:


Whew. The line broke at Argent Tournament and I went to bed. That was awesome :) And I even didn’t realise yet that I don’t have to go to these raids anymore :)


Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?


Picture being courtesy of brilliant Kageyama Satsuki, are you prepared for the patch?

I’m finding myself at a big clearing up nowadays, closing the loose ends.

Artifact Weapons


This is where I will draw the line in grinding artifact power: 52 traits. As you see, I’ve almost completed my goal of driving all the weapons to 52. Anibell, Baisa and Aurinko will likely close their part within a week, and you have to excuse Helu who had four druid weapons to level.

With the new artifact relic system, I will not care about leveling or checking the weapons anymore. Upon reaching 52, I’m just deleting this expansion-wide table of weapons from my list. I’ll be just playing the specs that I like and invest in them – with no particular goal of reaching some point. I’ve had enough of AP grind. I may even skip the AP missions at missions table.

Still, Legion did a very good thing making me play all the specs. It’s awesome that I could switch to any spec now and be confident there. Even the most shunned specs: I’ve led my hunter Baisa through Magni quest and later world quests in Beast Mastery, I tanked Kil’Jaeden in Blood with Mindebad, and now I like questing in Discipline as it’s the Light shooting spec and at the same time quite powerful DPSing with ultimate built-in self-heals.

I’m implying to heal the Antorus raid at least on my priest, shaman and monk – these are the most enjoyable specs for healing. Oh my, who could have thought of that a year ago when I hated healing! I still do though with paladin and druid :)

So, thanks, the expansion, for leading me through all the 36 paths :)



This is the table I need to complete for full class mogging sets from Tomb of Sargeras. Bosses are listed which are to be killed by specific toons – and it has to be the exact class to drop. Well, except Har’jatan’s boots for Melaris which could be acquired by any leather class.

The worst thing is that some pieces come off trash, and trash only. So you’re basically bound to run and run the raid hoping for the best, and not even having a chance to toss a coin for the needed drop. That’s not nice. So far I had a single trash drop: a belt for the priest set.

I think that after I acquire the last pieces off bosses I’m gonna call it a day. It’s a task of solo raid running, not the tedious LFR runs throughout the whole raid on all toons with a minuscule chance of drop.

So yes, during the first weeks of the patch I’m still gonna be covering the mogging slots from the Tomb.

Many Little Things

Not enough urge yet to grind Margoss reputation or Underbelly eyes, it’s yet a thing for the end of the expansion.

Still doing the daily world quests for paragon chests – four toons per day. Still need Valarjar, Dreamweavers, Farondis and Nightfallen mounts. I think it’s expansion-wide project, but frankly I’m sick of it. Should have gotten them all by now, after half a year.

Heading for “invest 50 times in every building in Broken Shore” achievements. Micromantica just launches missions for Legionfall resources and unloads them from time to time. So far it’s 28-41-10. No world quests to speed it up, but maybe I could do that by the end of expansion to close the loose ends.

Old raid mogging runs are a thing lately with me – at least I need the achievements, the rest of the toons may suffice with the most wanted chests, legs, hands and shoulders. I’ve collected 2 sets from Throne of Thunder on weekend (mage, and – as a collateral damage – priest). Performed a full run on every raid possible except Dragon Soul (because the last piece comes from Baradin) and Siege of Orgrimmar (the mere thought about the first boss solo makes me sleepy). Many pieces acquired, and I’m actually very close to covering lots of set achievements.

Speaking of mogging, I’m also spending my instant world quest completion options (like mage, death knight, paladin, warlock, and demon hunter have) for specific PvP WQ if the reward is PvP tokens – I spend them for old PvP sets. Fat chance I’m doing any PvP on my own, so it’s the only way :)

I’m good with main professions on all toons – except Melaris’ mining and herbalism and Aurinko’s mining. I will level them and also cooking and first aid via Darkmoon Faire, so I’ll be there by the end of expansion.

In conclusion: 

I’m far from done with the expansion, but mostly I’m having expansion-wide projects now.  I wish I had one more week for yet one more try with mogging in Tomb and completing my weapons, but nevertheless, I’m ready.

Bring it on! We have an epic story to explore ^_^

Trivia: Paragon Chests, Artifact Weapons and More


This is it! Team Wardens/Nightfallen becomes the second to get one of their prizes. Anibell fished out a toy from her yet another paragon chest.

The toy turns you into a Warden:


Cool enough :) And yes, I’ve just earned myself an extra weekend from dailies. No more Warden emissary runs!

The whole list of paragon chest prizes now looks like this:

  • Valar’jar – mount
  • Highmountain – mount
  • Val’sharah – mount
  • Azsuna – mount
  • Suramar – mount
  • Wardens – toy
  • Legionfall – pet

More to go :)


Only four rep columns are left now in my chart. Legionfall is about Revered, so when I hit Exalted on all toons, it just goes – cause I already got the pet.

Artifact Weapons


Basically I’m already closing in the cap of second artifact weapons. I need them all at 52, and then I will ignore every AP income sources besides the natural drops from raids or quests.

Set Progress


It’s the final chart that I’m working on. As you see, most of my toons have already collected the full set of EN/TN raids. Today Etraeus dropped the last missing gloves for Aurinko.

Some of the pieces could be acquired by other classes, so my toons help each other. For example, the only piece that Micromantica misses is wrists from Aluriel. So Aurinko had a try and also tossed a coin for Aluriel’s wrists on her way to Etraeus, and Faerella, although all set and done, will do the same.

Hexen lacks only chest from Krosus – alas, no other leather toon could help her with this.

What pisses me off about drops is that Mindebad, Anibell and Bons have the worst karma for plate armor. They all lack 2-3 pieces, they can help each other to acquire them, and they just won’t drop. This week I ran all the wings of EN/TN with Anibell and Mindebad – none of the bosses dropped a single piece that I needed for them three. Let’s see how Bons will work it all out on weekend.

Trivia: As the Week Rolls

Here’s a quick summary of the week before we proceed with class mount stories :)

Class Mounts

I’ve breached the tomb and acquired each and every class mount by now! And the last four were actually acquired in one sit, in one breath.

The stories are all awesome, and have some spectacular moments too. I even put this as a wallpaper for my twitter account:


The mounts themselves feel completely different from their screenshots. So it’s not enough to look at a picture and decide to acquire it or not, no. You have to try a mount too.

I’m using mage’s disc although I normally despise hovering mounts which don’t land. I’m in absolute awe from the cutest ever hunter’s mutant, although I had a very skeptical look on my face when I first got acquainted with screenshots. Shaman’s elemental appeared to be not so clumsy as I thought.

On the other hand, I dismissed the rogue’s raven that I craved to get. It twitches and bounces, and it just irritates me at large scales.

Expectations that meet reality:

Priest’s owlcat is amazing in every color, it’s superb.


And druid’s new flight form is something you flee from in horror. It’s ugly, disgusting, clumsy – it’s everything bad and worse. I’m lucky I have a proper owl glyph for my travel form. Yuck!


Did a bunch on my way!

250 mounts:


Got an artifact appearance for Micromantica for her 8th Archaeology project:


And also the last ogre solve appeared to be pristine, so it’s just arakkoa and orc clans from all the previous expansions left;


Obviously archaeology achievement must unlock artifact appearance for every toon.

Transmogrification Runs!

As you probably recall, my current Legion raids are actually hunting for transmog, and gear level doesn’t matter to me at this step.

Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold share some set models, so I’d better loot everything from EN first – before going to The Nighthold. And I’m close to that. 1 to 3 pieces left for every armor type.

The new interesting thing about raids this weekend was me trying to heal with a shaman – my first ever shaman restoration play :) Legion really does encourage you to try different specs.

She already had 35 traits on her Sharas’dal weapon, and through EN and The Nighthold wing tokens the weapon was leveled to 43, somewhat compared to my Enhancement 48 and Elemental 47.

I’ve grasped the idea, and I liked the style. I even went and successfully healed the raid for Gul’dan, the current last boss! He gave me pants – quite earned.


Now I think that I want to try and learn playing all the class specs there are!

Actually I’m able to play every DPS and tank spec quite confidently. It’s only few healers left untouched yet: mistweaver monk, discipline priest, holy paladin, restoration druid. Not that I’m gonna master them and become the best healer ever. But I want to feel confident and perform any role my classes could perform, and with total awareness of what is going on.

Mostly Pictures

I guess there’s gonna be more screenshots than text today.

So, first of all, I did a new cool transmog for Bons :) The fantasy is a highwayman, because I got a bit tired of the knight in shining armor :)




Second, I’ve queued to EN and TN raids yesterday with a pair of leather toons. I got lucky with two transmog items I missed! More to go, but still.

The important thing is that when Paitsu entered Arcing Acqueducts, there was just one tank, and he quit immediately. So without any discussion she’s just took a keg and tanked throughout the whole wing! The scorpion was even pulled off by me alone. The anomaly got aid from another respecced dps, and we nailed it without a flaw. For Trilliax a proper tank came, but he wasn’t really needed there. It’s been a blast, and I performed the encounters perfectly.


I really need to tank every raid boss in current content. Not exactly a monk, I feel confident with every tank class except a Death Knight.


And yes, I did the race change!

There was no goodbye to Mayluna. Well, everything’s good with her: she will stay in Val’sharah to heal the wounds of Nightmare.

There comes a druid :)


I’ve immediately transmogged everything and artifact weapon too (scythe is too big).


She immediately went to the dream valleys and order hall.



Oh yes, choosing the name wasn’t so long and bad this time. She was christened as Helu, a roll on the common tauren letters. If the name were taken (short ones normally are), I had a pair of other names in stock :)


So, I have a Tauren druid now :) Casting feels nice and powerful, me likey. Oh, and she also picks the herbs in an instant which is a good bonus.

Transmog Before Legion

Official WoW social profile asked subscribers to share their mogging at their public pages, so I thought it was a good topic for my blog.

Now that Blizzard made a huge step to moggers with their new wardrobe feature, even more people would try and create their sets.

I use mogging A LOT since May 2015. Draenor armor and weapons were so awful that I finally made very close friends with transmog ethereals. To the extent that I don’t have a single un-mogged toon now. I’ve spent thousands of gold for mogging items ever since, and worked out some rules:

  • No capes, no helmets. They just don’t fit.
  • Nothing too flashy or too extreme. I need a beautiful, balanced but plain enough outfit. You could achieve a distinct image by simpler means.

I’m totally proud of all my toons, but I just want to share the best ones in my opinion.

Bons – Fury Warrior


Lizgun – Survival Hunter


Hedersen – Outlaw Rogue


Kellers – Fire Mage


Gardell – Retribution Paladin


Oluu – Brewmaster Monk


What is your way of using transmog?

Transmog: Need A Light?

I’ve already boasted everywhere, but not in my blog. That I’m gonna fix now!

I didn’t really appreciate gear transmogrification for a long time, I was just gearing up and happy with my current armor. I liked how it transformed from simpletons of first levels to bright caleidoscope of Burning Crusade to grim and brutal Northrend to scorched Cataclysm to curly Pandarian armor and weapons.

What made me mogging is when I found a really cool piece – for example, a kilt-skirt for Schlitzchen the Shaman or Mayluna the Druid. Armored underpants or cool swords of course also went to the bank slots.


I didn’t use these pants but I KNEW I must keep them xD 

Before Draenor, I used mogging only in few cases, mostly for weapons. I was never a mogging set-chaser. Normally some slots were transmogged into some of the items I already had and kept.

And so, now we got Draenor. And Draenor became infamous with presenting the ugliest armor sets in whole WoW. Seriously, be it questing items, dungeon items or raid items, it’s rarely when I want to wield a weapon or put the armor pieces on.

Thanks to Salvage Yard, I began to try some old clothes on, and soon I discovered that I rather prefer to sit at an Auction and dig through possible items to wear than wear any of Draenor stuff.

And that finally led me to collecting my first intentional mogging set:


Salash Mog

Shoulder: Brittle Flamereaver Pauldrons. It has this stalker’s vibe, it has 4 engraved hordish faces, 2 burning. First I got them from Salvage Yard, and these shoulders required many red and flaming stuff from AH.

Chest: Double Link Tunic. I chose a black one although I tried many reddish ones, but they were pinkish rather than flaming. I needed the torso to be calm rathere than bright and eccentric.

Belt: Heavy Scorpid Belt. It’s also black, because I wanted to reduce the flames a bit in the middle. Not a clown here xD

Gloves: Battleforge Gauntlets – Legs: Blood Knight Greaves – Feet: Blood Knight Boots. These 3 go well together and actually make me a Firebat. These boot-tops and glove-tops are purely hunter’s vibe, I like them very much.

Gun: Taoren, The Soul Burner. I never could imagine that I would somewhen wear this Sha-touched too-bright weapon, but I kept it in the bank. You just don’t throw away stuff like this. And wow, I found the use for it! It fitted perfectly.


I think Salash now will be very noticeable among fellow LFRs. She’s all stylish and flaming-bright, with much aristocratic black in her gear. There’s also a decent amount of sexiness: I suppose, there’s not that much body exposed to call her a slut – or you know, sometimes you put on armor underpants and bra and then your toon freezes at Frostwall Garrison or Icecrown xD. And at the same time she’s not packed in armor like a canned sprat, revealing she’s a woman :=) It’s a nice result.

Salash Mog2

Salash Mog1

 I’m definitely gonna repeat the mogging experiment with other toons.