Chitsuro: Hunting with Hemet and Moonshine

As a professional leatherworker, Chitsuro is a devoted honorable member of Hemet Nesingwary’s hunting party. So be it Stranglethorn, Nagrand or Sholazar, she always follows the guys and gladly joins their quest of finding new beast challenges and obtaining more trophies for her future home. After she got a letter from Mayluna that she spotted one of Hemet’s dwarfs at Sholazar, she rented a plane from the gnome airport at Borean Tundra and headed north in search of the most famous hunter in all Azeroth.

Hemet Nesingwary Ship in Sholazar
– That’s the spot!

Obviously Hemet’s guys were not equipped with a good compass, so they crashed their ship right into the hunting heavens. Luckily they built a camp right on stop, so there was no random flying around for Chitsuro.

Hemet Nesingwary in Sholazar
– Hemeeeet! – My dear girl!

Firsthand, we had to cope with trade company expedition. You cannot really quietly hunt beasts when you are risking to be shot from behind. So off we go. Chitsuro immediately recognized the planes by description given in Mayluna’s letter, so it’s a perfect opportunity to avenge her night elf friend.

Trade Company Camp
– Better run – angry monk is coming!
Engineer from Nesingwary's Party
– Thanks for unlocking my chains. Now we make a diversion.

There was a captured engineer who set all the explosives in their camp on fire. Oh boy, even the Lich King himself must have heard those explosions! And then Chitsuro pummeled the goblin leader.

Goblin leader of trade company
– No – more – messing with us! Kya!

On her return to the camp, pleased Nesingwary made Chitsuro do some routine to procede with hunting. First, she was asked to check her shooting skills on a gnome an apple.

– Only remind me which of the apples is head.

And no possible hunting with dwarves could be succesful without a properly alcohol-vapored brain. It gives you courage and extra agility – things you can use in front of huge maws with teeth bigger than your hand. Chitsuro doesn’t know if dwarves went crazy or just remebered about my monk’s love for sparklng things, but they actually built a small distillery machine and brew some sparkling fruity moonshine.

Moonshine machine in Sholazar
– No way! Please tell me that it was done specially for me and not because you were out of beer.

With a pleasant mist in her head, Chitsuro at last felt herself ready for some big sport. Hellyeah! *hiccup* But now you tell me, Hemet, why do you send her to talk with…. a frog? Instead of rushing for the hunt at once? There’s something tricky about that moonshine, you know.

– You gather bones and bones and bones, and then big dead bones tell you where to find a big beast. – Wha..?

Truly, the alcohol should be left for evening. Or not, as Sholazar also appeared a great place to make friends:

– This guy was friendly. He introduced me to his family.
– And his neighbors – The Hardknuckles. They should have their own show.
Harknucle babies
– They let us play with the kids – here, have a banana! *hiccup*
Snakes at Sholazar
– And I gave my mail address to these fellows. It was hard to understand whether they will write me soon, with all the hissing.

Then a dwarf came from Nesingwary’s camp and asked how was Chitsuro’s hunting sport. Will Nesingwary see any trophies from her? So the monk headed to the three spots that The Bones told her to go – and lo! there really were big animals. Should consult with the bones more when home.

She couldn’t help but ask the dwarf to make some pictures with her and slain monstrosities. Nesingwary gave them names, but wtf, it’s impossible to remember them after all these fruits. So:

Crocolisk at Sholazar
Rhino at Sholazar
Tiger at Sholazar
and Stripy

We met Nesigwary again in the north near a lake and this time he was eager to head for the hunt himself! Together, Chitsuro and Hemet loaded a sack of rifles onto a mammoth and headed to track the Mother of Dragons, from the House of… well, Dragons.

Hemet and Chitsuro
– Off we go, a-hunting we go… – Hemet, don’t you make too much noise, and – oh, give me that bottle too! *sips, then together* – Off we go, a-hunting we go!

With a mammoth and a big sack of bullets, and a true hunter’s orange-flavoured courage a dragon is no problem! So we got the biggest trophy so far.

chitsuro and dragon
– Now, lass, take a pic of me too!
– I’m all like: BOOM! And it’s all like: ROAR! And we’re all like: BOOM! Jealous, huh?

Then Nesingwary told that his stomach is already glued together with guts from all this sugary drinks, so Chitsuro had to accept the whole box of Sholazar’s Dwarf-made Moonshine. That’s a coolest company for a 3-days vacation in this lush land. Made her remember the home Turtle and south seas.

Chitsuro at lake
– I am NOT leaving until I drink everything from my box.
Sholazar Basin
– After all, I deserved a little summer vacation.
Sholazar Basin
– And who could imagine such a beautiful resort in snowy Northrend?

Next stop: Storm Peaks. But not before moonshine ends.

P.S. The talking bones were actually real!

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