Chitsuro: Giants – Best Served With Ice

With all the fruity moonshine finished, Chitsuro woke up at Sholazar with a big hangover and decided to take a breath at some fresh chilly area. Luckily she's in Northrend, so finding it won't be a problem.First, she took a look at the famous Icecrown Citadel. It was very dark and cold here, and the … Continue reading Chitsuro: Giants – Best Served With Ice


Chitsuro: Hunting with Hemet and Moonshine

As a professional leatherworker, Chitsuro is a devoted honorable member of Hemet Nesingwary's hunting party. So be it Stranglethorn, Nagrand or Sholazar, she always follows the guys and gladly joins their quest of finding new beast challenges and obtaining more trophies for her future home. After she got a letter from Mayluna that she spotted … Continue reading Chitsuro: Hunting with Hemet and Moonshine

When Pandaria Is Left Behind…

- Dear Blizzes, please do a pre-launch event where Garrosh launches a mana-bomb to a continent of Pandaria, so that not a single virmen, mantid or pandaren survived.- And Gina Mudclaw must be in the epicenter of explosion- And forget everything as a nightmare.(c) Official WoW forumWith each day, Warlords of Draenor comes nearer. It may be … Continue reading When Pandaria Is Left Behind…

Zindari: Of Trolls, Troll Gods and Troll Monuments

When Zindari took a glimpse at Drak'Tharon Keep, she already knew that all the Horde's business will be put aside and she will spend the rest of her Northrend vacation investigating her troll relatives.Sadly the Drakkari tribe went all mad with all the Scourge trying to push its way into their lands. Well, who wouldn't? … Continue reading Zindari: Of Trolls, Troll Gods and Troll Monuments

Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel

We left Chitsuro when she headed to have a rest at a Gnome tavern in Borean Tundra. Awaken with a small hangover (and her tongue now tasting like tin too), she decided not to rush to the necropolis but rather do something peaceful before lunch. Also Gnomes asked her to conduct a survey of Nerubian … Continue reading Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel

Rottenshield: Corpses of Zul’Drak – Goodbye, Northrend!

While Zindari traveled around Grizzly Hills, she left Rottenshield some issues to deal with in the Eastern Northrend. She observed a funny Darkspear troll who tried to cheat the warlord of the fortress. He barely escaped breaking his legs for masking furs with flour and coal. He was extremely lucky that an orc fighter felt … Continue reading Rottenshield: Corpses of Zul’Drak – Goodbye, Northrend!

Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

After sleeping over the matter, Mayluna decided to take a look at her possible destinations at Icecrown. And you know what? This Ebon Blade bastard has the ugliest sense of humor! Let others deal with Fleshwerks - it's not only crowded with abominations and flesh giants, it actually PRODUCES them. Not to spend her weekend … Continue reading Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

When the recruiting officers asked Mayluna to fly for the Alliance flying fortress above Icecrown, she never knew that it will involve fraternizing with the Undead. Me, a nature-loving druid, to smell the stench of Arthas' ex-hounds! Trying to get rid of this "honorable Alliance officer", Mayluna spread her wings and darted off the ship as … Continue reading Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

Zindari: Troll Legacy and Grizzly Sights

Zindari finally touched the legacy of Northrend trolls. For some reasons the dead Drakkari spirits want both to return to their graves and escape out of the crypt. Not sure why they couldn't come to an agreement about this. Let's start with the easiest thing cause it doesn't involve anyone mischievous and powerful. Wait, I … Continue reading Zindari: Troll Legacy and Grizzly Sights

Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging

Well, at least Borean Tundra is not covered in snow completely. So Chitsuro decided to make her contribution to Alliance Northrend campaign by helping the local residents as much as she could. She tries not to settle long in one place (or her paws become slowly covered with ice), so she experienced nice short episodes. … Continue reading Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging