The Nighthold: A Peep into Nightspire


The Nighthold could probably be named the most uneven raid in history. While in other raids you may like or dislike certain bosses, in the Nighthold they are grouped strictly by wings.

  • There is a fine Arcing Aqueducts wing – good for your warm up.
  • There is Royal Athenaeum – which I don’t like, and I queue there with my eyes rolled like “not again”.
  • And there’s Nightspire – where everything is awesome, from the first to the last moment.

Seriously, as much as I didn’t like Royal Athenaeum – as much I like Nightspire.

First, there are reasonable amounts of trash mobs. They don’t tend to overrun you or attack from behind. And you don’t feel like you’re fighting through the endless crowds.

Second, the most vital transmog gear is looted here: shoulders and chests.

Third, it’s the encounters which are just the things I want from a boss encounter.

I like the encounters where there is personal responsibility to survive or provide cool performance – this is exactly that situation. Krosus, Elisande and Tichondrius all provide you the chances not to fail and excel – while at the same time there’s nothing too annoying that could turn your mmorpg into an arcade game. I really don’t like the messy encounters where you should run in circles more than fight (see Twin Ogrons for an example).

Considering lore I have some questions for why we would kill Krosus now – he doesn’t block our path or threaten us in any way in The Nighthold. We could have dealt with him later when we return to Broken Shore, couldn’t we?

Tichondrius is a poor thing. In the Third War, quite unexpectedly, there comes some ragged night elf (Illidan) and kills him when Legion was just on the verge of victory. So he didn’t see how invasion ended – and he worked so hard in Azeroth to make it happen and supervised the whole business. During this invasion he also doesn’t have a chance to see how it will end – this time a bunch of puny rascals comes and banishes him to Tiwsting Nether yet again. I mean, come on! :)

Elisande turned out to be very strange. She’s quite okay with Legion terrorizing her own people during Suramar campaign and is an arrogant bitch when she talks to the night-, blood- and high elves. Yet she talks to us like we are friends and must understand her: all she did was for her own people (yeah, right) and she just made a small mistake in her calculations. Well, I can’t understand the character – cannot believe her heel to face turn.

Anyways, it’s probably the first raid wing in Legion that I run with pleasure.


2 thoughts on “The Nighthold: A Peep into Nightspire

    • Well, Illidan just popped out of nowhere :) And vanished afterwards.

      In movies, books and games the evil plans must at least start to work. A villain must have his moment of triumph, seeing some people killed and towns destroyed, a big weapon tested. Or else.


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