Enough is Enough

Microfury stood on the shards of a broken demon world. Fumes from the fel pools made her eyes water, and the air was dry and tasted of oil, ash and acid fumes. The girl licked her lips. She was watching the chained Pit Lord that she and other warlocks enslaved to gain control of these lifeless ruins. The demon shifted, and a wave of putrid stench rolled over the place.


She covered her face with palm and breathed hard. The demon games were not fun anymore. She has seen the what the demons did in Draenor and in Broken Isles, and it’s become impossible to think of her pet ones as of something different. She has studied the energies of fel and void too well to put them in use further.

‘Enough is enough’, says the gnome and turns her back to the disgusting site.

Her first urge is to summon a fel steed and leave the place as fast as she can. But there will be no summoned fel creatures, not anymore. She walks, then runs down the dusty black road to the portal and vanishes in a green mist to never come back.


In Stormwind, the jeweler master Theresa Denman cannot believe her eyes. It’s her former gnome apprentice who left the shop with her eyes glowing with anticipation and going for an adventure. What she sees now is a wreck with sad sunken eyes who looks like she didn’t have a proper sleep in years.

‘Well met, my dear’, says Theresa. ‘How long it’s been? Three years?’

‘Four’, says Microfury wearily and suddenly sobs. ‘And they were not too easy to digest… I was wondering if you still had my tools?’


Theresa hides a smile and ushers the girl into the shop without further questioning. The girl will be ready to tell her everything, but not now. Not now.


…If you walk along the Stormwind channels in Trade District, you may pass by the jewelry shop. There you may meet a Gnome girl with her hands always busy. Simple but elegant silver rings and necklaces of her design are quite popular among the common folks. And she’s happy.





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