Leveling Up Through Cataclysm: Hyjal Overview

For history sakes, I write a series of post about zones of Cataclysm that I nailed while recent leveling. It will be nice to remember them after a while – so come and read to recall the events of Fire – Druids confrontation.

Hyjal is one of the 2 zones that you are allowed to at lv 80. So if you don’t like 3D underwater (no one does, come on!) you can choose to go here. For this reason, I leveled through it so much that even Vash’jir seems more desirable now. Well, you ought to eat one candy at a time not two hundred if you don’t want your guts to be glued together.

Hyjal was a destination for Zindari the Troll Rogue and Mayluna the Night Elf Druid. So this post is shared by them.

Earth Ring
– Can I miss the Cataclysm and go straight to that Pandarian teleport?.. -NO!

You first road to Hyjal is opened not from the main portal ring though, but by druids at other places of Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Of course we want to help Hyjal! In the end of all, both girls are alchemists and herbalists, feeling strong bonds with flora, and the last thing they want is a scorched mountain with not a single leaf or grass left. That leads them to Moonglade where a green male dragon waits for them to check out what’s happening at Hyjal (spoiler: nothing good is happening).

– I’m a druid, and could get here by myself, for Elune’s sake!

What they find at Hyjal is a sea of flame at its foot and a hovering bulk of Deathwing. Of course the green male must fly up to his nose and see if he will fry us or not. Deathwing is obviously so surprised that he doesn’t. But Ragnaros tries to smash the stupid dragon with his mace nevertheless.


After a very narrow escape and getting actual intelligence information (“everything’s bad”), we could finally go to the top of the mountain and begin our purge crusade from there (going downhill is of course easier than going up).


And here on the very top you see a most magnificent lake village.

And you meet Ysera! Journey was worth it.
And you meet Ysera! Journey was worth it.
Lake druid village at Hyjal
Lake druid village at Hyjal

The druids give you some small tasks like killing few Twilight assholes and spies. This ends with a massive bombardment of a small Twilight camp by the Greens:

– Green flames: not only for warlocks.

As if Ysera was not enough epic, you also meet Malfurion Stormrage in person! My poor druid Mayluna experienced trembling in her knees while talking to one of the most ancient and respected druids in Azeroth. Lol, of course he’s the best of all. No match.

Although I respect him much, he now reminds more of a children’s picture playbook where you can put together a body of a zebra, a tail from a fish and a head from a duck. Tss. Mayluna, don’t speak that aloud.

Malfurion offers some tasks like finding pieces of a shattered staff and then taking down one of the Firelords.

– Burn! Oh. I mean, don’t burn!
The orc is named RAZ, and that’s all you need to know about this pair. Queue up for wearing this diving helmet!

Then you are sent to deal with epic creatures that do not look epic yet… One is a green dragon, and the other is Fandral Staghelm whom you are supposed to deliver for her.

Btw, who liked Maiev Shadowsong’s uniform even at Warcraft 3? I did!
Sadly both will become our grave enemies. Corruption is so corruption.

After fussing around the top and eliminating small enemies (thanks Elune, not all of the mountain is ablaze yet), we now descend to lower regions to release and summon the old demigods. Who are on the list? A bird, a turtle and a wolf. Cool company (and not to be laughed at cause they valiantly fought the Burning Legion!)

First – Aviana. The raven druids send you to find harpies and a twilight dragon raiding party who are stealing eggs and forging brutal armor for drakonids.

This playful girl is actually a brutal assassin!
To learn where Aviana’s precious eggs are you are obliged to disable and kill few harpies around. They are not nice at all, but it’s the second time in Cataclysm where a hostage ends up with his throat sliced.
You also need a feather of a crazy Aviana’s husband. That means he doesn’t survive too. Hope Aviana approves that!


Edge of the World – here’s the egg, we can go home!
But not untill we slay a drakonid army…
…and the dragon mother Sethria
Hooray! Now you can go and meet Aviana herself!
Lol, she’s a harpy too. Erhm… hi, we killed your husband and some harpies. But you are here!

There’s a small episode where you rob the Twilight parties to cut off their supplies. Damn I like the ogres!

– Closer, guys! 3 more sacks to go.

And deep down the hill you need to free Goldrinn – Lo’gosh who was trapped by an evil twin and his worshiping corrupted worgen.

Into the lair!
Alnd Lycanthoth to fight with. Damn you are scary piece of pelt!
Goldrinn is now free and kills all the rogue worgen in a blink of an eye. Sadly that’s all he does for now even at his own lair, and leaves all the ogres to you.
When the area is once again secured, you are settled in the cosiest settlement in all of the Hyjal.
A place for vacation really :)
Until you have to crawl around an ogre mound. Did you notice that all ogre mounds have the same building plan? I could walk them through with my eyes closed shut!
When the threat from the mound is destroyed, Ysera pops up and you can see how beautiful she is once again. Can I marry you? Oh wait, you’re actually a dragon.

Next step (man, that’s a long and big road) – is fraternizing with dryads and saving small tiny creatures from the flame:

Small does *speaks deer language* – Hi, I’m you long-lost sister. With horns. Don’t ask, just follow.
And small bears. Pew!

In the process you accidentally free a locked-up satyr. He was locked since the Legions’ invasion, and now you come and free him. Oops.


But at least you also kill a fire giant lord. Mmm… fair enough.

After Greenpeace activity you meet the next ones who need to be released:

Chains are bad! Down with them!
The poor thing is maimed by rogue fire bastards. How could a night elf druid watch and do nothing?
Just a selfie, securing the area with elven archers. Arrows provided by me of course :)
And then demigods allow you to the fiery land itself to fight there! And give you some cutest pet companions.
And mounts. Which don’t fly but crash into all the walls they can.
Actually the Turtle God was proved to be the most helpful and efficient. Look who we killed!

Long story long, you are granted an opportunity to participate in the most beautiful land healing ritual ever.

Mayluna earned it!
And Zindari earned it! Don’t you look at the tits tree please, it’s not the point here.


There’s actually more actions to finish up with the Twilight Hammer’s camps, but with all the demigods now free, they will cope without me I hope.


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