FFXIV: Quick Update

It’s been roughly a year since I started playing FFXIV for reals, and well, I can finally say I caught up. I’ve got four major goals today – for better or for worse, almost complete.

Leveling. Well… yeah. Two more days of duty roulettes to finalize the last job. This is great, because frankly I’m quite exhausted from re-runs, especially in repetitive alliance raid and main scenario divisions. Also, there was a constant, self-inflicted and game-inflicted itch of a missed opportunity – when I didn’t manage to complete all 7 roulette entries for a day, good riddance with that bother. And this is a bit sad, because it always took the bulk of my playing time, and now the game would revert to a life support of a raid run once a week unless I find a bigger farming goal.

In any case, leveling that many jobs/classes from scratch, pleasant as it was, was not a small feat or achievement, and I’m glad I climbed that mountain! Well, I don’t level some of the jobs – namely, blue mage, dark knight, sage and reaper, or crafting/gathering, but it’s an informed decision: I tried them, and I did not like them much in terms of fun and/or job fantasy. So I’ll settle for now.

Every toon has at least one tank, healer, caster, melee and ranged dps, so that covers all styles and glams possible, I’m not missing anything.

Gearing and Raiding. As a casual raider, I delve into and gear up in Asphodelos and Aglaia, non-Savage versions. The goal is to fill as many slots as possible with 590 Aglaia items, but first and foremost – farm Asphodelos for at least 580 in every slot. I also need double 580 for 590 pieces in glam-different examples: for example, Red/Summoner obviously can’t share the same chest, and such. Glamour plates are not an option, with all their restrictions, so.

Even as a side dish for leveling today, the spreadsheet fills pretty fast:

Once I have raiding as my main activity, it’s a matter of several days to get all I want in Asphodelos, and then only Aglaia remains – two runs a week.

The one thing that bugs me is Asphodelos weapon restrictions. Surely the game encourages you to play many jobs, and yet allows just one weapon in a month, 1 token out of four per week? That’s weird.

As a lore and story maniac, I can’t believe it, but I put off all the fresh 6.1.5. questlines at all (Tataru, Hildibrand, Omega) – and it’s been two weeks since release. Well, the reasoning is simple: I’m so close to level caps in every job, that I just want to get over with them. And then I dive deep into the new stories. It’s like a piece of cake saved for later :) Of course I want to play them, like very much. And I’ll write a recap post once I’m done.

The final big thing in FFXIV left is exploring Gold Saucer which I haven’t tried AT ALL yet (and on a wider scale – exploring the collectible farming options in general, whether I want to farm mounts, pets or smth.). We’ll see how it goes.

And… that’s all. It’s weird that as much as I want to play this game, I’m running out of activities. But worry not, I have a ton of single player titles in my box to try or replay, so it may be a good thing. For now.

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